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2018 will be considered a year of celebration, transformation and remembrance for Accrington.

The town’s rich history and culture has been a focal point of the year with festivals and exhibitions taking place throughout. From the unveiling of the newTown Square, to the first #AmazingAccrington Soapbox Challenge, it’s hard to choose a favourite moment. This edition of #AmazingAccrington looks to the future, showcasing businesses that are celebrating success in the borough, individuals who are leading the way to change, and the organisations who are raising aspirations for the youth of our town. Our article, featuring Andy Holt, encompasses everything we want for the community. The success of Accrington Stanley Football Club has been inspirational, from ‘the club that wouldn’t die’ at the boom of League playing the likes of Sunderland in League 1 - if you don’t reach for the stars you always fall short, right? I hope you enjoy the magazine, don’t forget to put the 2019 event dates in your diary! This magazine is for you, the community, if there are things you would like to see, let us know.

CONTENTS 4-5 Andy Holt - Champion of the Borough 6-10 Accrington Stanley Shirt Giveaway 12-13 What’s On in Accrington 14-15 #AmazingAccrington Bike Fest 16-17 #AmazingAccrington Live 18-19 #AmazingAccrington Beer Festival 20-22 Accrington Food and Drink Festival 24-26 #AmazingAccrington Soapbox / Rally and Car Display 27-29 #AmazingAccrington Chocolate Festival 32-33 Accrington CC - More than just a Cricket Club 34-35 Bowley, in the ScoutingTradition 36-38 #AmazingAccrington Business LeadersMeet 40-41 Langtec - ABusiness with Personality 42-43 Studio -We DoWow 44-45 Brexit Proof?Tips fromProperty Shop 46-47 WhatMore invest £25Million! 48-49 Drive-Shop-And-Dinewith the EGGroup 50-51 Hyndburn Chamber of Trade 58-59 Howard&BulloughManufacturing Prowess 60-61 The Bale ofWhinney Hill 62-63 SDA - Trenches andTransformation 64-65 Competitions 66 Vouchers

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Andy Holt...

#AmazingAccrington caught up with Andy during his business trip to Italy. In-between coffees and travelling, Milan to Florence, Holt took the time out to chat community, football and future.


and Twier sensation!

When asking Andy where he predicts the club will be this time next year, we were expecting to hear of victories, geing beer and bigger. Instead Andy turned the idea on its head. “Most managers or club owners will look at things short-sightedly. They want to drive teams to success, instant gratifications. In my opinion, that’s not the role of the owner or Chairman. I am not into making predictions, rising up the league is secondary to my plans to cement Stanley as a hub for the community. My role is to look at a 10-year picture, where do I want the club to be?Wembley? No, I want them to be stable, be secure, I want us to be in the best possible position. It’s been a challenge and I am so proud of where the team have come. I wouldn’t change a thing.” Accrington Stanley is well known for welcoming the fans of other clubs and showing great hospitality. “Alongside the cheap beer and fab atmosphere, we do have other plans on the horizon. We have multiple developments in motion including new bar areas and plans to expand our hospitality areas. We offer a different experience to the majority of other clubs. We treat our fans how they want to be treated. We also put a huge emphasis on welcoming families, with initiatives such as our shirt giveaway, family fun days and community engagement through the Accrington Stanley Community Trust. The impact of all this work has meant a real benefit for the town. The match against Derby saw a record crowd of 5397 people. Lots of them stayed in hotels, made a weekend of it, visited the local

Andy Holt, owner of Accrington Stanley Football Club isn’t quite sure what his day job is anymore. As Managing Director ofWhat More UK, the largest plastic houseware manufacturer in the UK, he’s very open about the fact he didn’t ever intend to buy a football club! It’s safe to say, under his wing Stanley are finding spirit they didn’t know they had. “It’s all worked out prey well, as much as I didn’t intend to buy a football club, there is absolutely nothing I regret. I am still very much involved with the day-to-day ofWhat More UK, and we run a very tight ship there... but equally I would have never purchased a football club with the aim of siing back and leing others run it.” Andy is seen within the crowds at Stanley games, never been one to be a silent partner. “I want to make sure I always communicate with the fans, that means being a fan myself, not siing up in a fancy box somewhere, watching from afar.” Purchasing the club four years ago, Stanley are going from strength to strength but rising up the leagues has its own draw backs. “It’s definitely safe to say, the beer the team does the more money it costs to run. Income can also fluctuate; one goal can mean the difference between £1million or nothing. My goal is to have a stable club, the last thing I want is an out of control club that’s spending money it can’t recoup, but then equally we want to expand and improve. It’s not easy, everything is a balance and I am incredibly proud of where we are today.”

benefit of things I am passionate about. I make no secret of the fact I feel there should be independent regulators in football, the finance instructor needs changing. I would say this is the biggest issue with football currently. Money is wasted on agents and a lot of other owners/Chairmen agree with me on this. The issue is they aren’t pushing for it like I am, they are afraid to say what everyone is thinking. The Premier League has cornered the market, to the detriment of smaller clubs.”

pubs and shops. You can’t buy that kind of positive publicity for the town. People will come, have a great time and hopefully return to East Lancashire.” Good personal move, possibly not the best business move, but under Andy’s wing, the success of Stanley has been beer than anyone expected! It’s not just the community that has benefied, from a business point of view Stanley’s success has meant huge reach figures for the Wham Stadium, sponsored by What More UK, Andy’s manufacturing business. “Although we aren’t reaping the financial rewards from sponsoring theWhamStadium as a business, it’s safe to say it’s had a positive impact. It’s hard to put any kind of figure on this with the current climate of Brexit, poor exchange rates etc, but this will come back to us eventually. Business is good, it can always go beer though – and that’s the same ethos I stick to with Stanley and Accrington. Always strive for more and help others to do the same.” Known for his honest and open dialogue on social media, Andy oen causes a stormonTwier, which can be an invitation for criticism. “Obviously some people think being honest and direct is the wrong approach. I wholeheartedly disagree! Being upfront means fans know the reasons for my actions, they know I have the club’s best interest at heart. It is also worth remembering that it is always the community that comes to the rescue in the end. When Accrington Stanley was finished, it was because of the people that it clawed its way back! Being blunt and honest is more important than upseing people, I am not afraid to challenge authority when it’s for the overall

10 quick fire questions for Andy • Coffee or tea? ...Coffee • Ketchup or HP? ...HP

• A pie or a pint? ...Can’t split em’ – neither goes alone • Llamas or Alpacas? ...They’re the same thing • Rolls Royce or Ferrari? ...Wouldn’t buy either. If I was forced, a Rolls Royce • A tweet or a text? ...Tweet • Sun or snow? ...Sun • Leave or remain? ...50/50 – couldn’t care less • Chocolate or vanilla? ...Chocolate • Chinese or Indian? ...Chinese

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#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 5

FREE SHIRT Accrington Stanley Community Trust... Giveaway..

The number of children geing enough physical activity has dropped by 40%* and Andy Holt, along with Accrington Stanley Community Trust, are eager to increase this figure by hosting a FREE shirt giveaway for all year three pupils in the borough for five years.

*according to

All Saints CE Primary Clayton le Moors

St Anne's and St Joseph's RC Primary

St Bartholomew's Parish CE Primary

St Charles

St James CE Primary

St John with St Augustine CE Primary

St John's CE Primary Great Harwood

Benjamin Hargreaves

Great Harwood Primary

Green Haworth CE Primary Accrington

St Johns CE Primary

St Mary Magdalen's CE Primary

St Mary's RC Primary Clayton-Le-Moors

Heathland School

Hippings Methodist Primary

Moor End Community Primary

St Mary's RC Primary

St Nicholas CE Primary

St Oswald's RC Primary Accrington

Hyndburn Park Primary 1

Hyndburn Park Primary 2

Mount Pleasant Primary Clayton le Moors

St Oswalds Knuzden

St Paul's C of E Primary

St Peter's and St Paul's CE Primary

Mount Pleasant Primary

Our Lady & St Hubert's RC Primary

Rishton Methodist

StWulstan's RC Primary

Peel Park Primary 1

Peel Park Primary 2

Peel Park Primary 3

West End Primary Oswaldtwistle

Sacred Heart RC Primary

Simonstone St Peters CE Primary

St Andrew's CE Primary

Woodnook Primary

White Ash School

St Peter's

The shirts will be given to school children at the new Studio sponsored Family Stand within the Accrington Stanley home - WhamStadium – every year for five years (2018 – 2021) as a means to engage with the local community, encourage young people to participate in sports and to support their local team. The giveaway has been sponsored by affiliated group, Accrington Stanley Community Trust, who deliver sport and education programmes to over 15,000 local people every year. Recently held on 8th February and 20th November 2018, it is set to go ahead again this coming September.

Accrington Peel Park

All Saints CE Clayton

Bartholomews Parish Great Harwood

Belthorn Academy

Benjamin Hargreaves Accrington

Great Harwood Primary

Green Howarth Accrington

Hippings Methodist Oswaldtwistle


Hynburn Park Accrington

Moor End Oswaldtwistle

Mount Pleasant Clayton-le-Moors

Rishton Methodist

Sacred Heart Church

Simonstone St Peters CE

Spring Hill Accrington

St Andrew CE Oswaldtwistle

Our Lady and St Huberts Great Harwood

St Ann's and St Josephs Accrington

St Charles RC Rishton

St James Altham

St John CE Great Harwood

St Johns CE Baxenden

St Johns Stonefold

St Johns with St Augustines Accrington

St Mary Magdalens Accrington

St Mary RC Oswaldtwistle

St Marys Clayton le Moors

St Nicholas CE Church

St Oswalds Accrington

St Ozwalds CE Knuzden

St Pauls Oswaldtwistle

St Peter CE Rishton

St Peters and St Pauls Rishton

StWulstans Great Harwood

West End Oswaldtwistle

White Ash Oswaldtwistle

Woodnook Accrington

...THIS SPRING! 2019 will see the introduction of some brand-new events to #AmazingAccrington, with the annual favourites still taking place. Don’t miss out ! Keep up to date with our events page. What’s on...

Market Hall First Saturday of EveryMonth • Handmade and Fairtrade Market Town Hall May 31 • 4pm to 11pm • #AmazingAccrington Beer Festival Jun 1 • 12pm to 11pm • #AmazingAccrington Beer Festival Jun 2 • 12pm to 4pm • #AmazingAccrington Beer Festival Jun 28 • 11am to 3pm • Hyndburn Jobs and Apprenticeship Fair Oct 25 • 7pm to 1am • #AmazingAccrington Horror Show

Haworth Art Gallery Exhibitions Feb 9 to Apr 7 • Open Focus Apr 13 toMay 26 • Ribble Creative Stitchers Jun 1 to Jul 21 • Accrington Camera Club Jul 27 to Sep 22 • Pollyanna Pickering Sep 28 to Nov 24 • Annual Open Exhibition Nov 30 to Feb 9 • Retracing Steps

Accrington Stanley Home Fixtures

May 4 • 10am to 4pm • #AmazingAccrington Live Music May 11 • 10am to 4pm • Business in the Community May 16 to 30 • 10am to 4pm • Love Your Local Market May 18 • 12pm to 4pm • Brass Band Concert May 25 • 10am to 4pm • #AmazingAccrington BusFest May 27 • 10am to 4pm • Pop Party Jun 1 • 10am to 4pm • #AmazingAccrington Food and Drink Festival Jun 8 • 1pm to 4pm • HistoryWalk Jun 16 • 10am to 4pm • Father’s Day Motorcycle Show Jul 14 • 10am to 4pm • Theatre on the Square Aug 10 • 10am to 4pm • Family Fun Day Aug 26 • 10am to 4pm • Ooh I Do Like to Be Beside the Seaside Aug 31 • 10am to 4pm • #AmazingAccrington Soapbox Challenge Aug 31 • 10am to 4pm • #AmazingAccrington Rally and Car Display Sep 14 • 1pm to 4pm • HistoryWalk Sep 28 • 10am to 4pm • #AmazingAccrington Chocolate Festival Oct 25 • 7pm to 1am • #AmazingAccrington Horror Show


Tue 19th Feb Sat 23rd Feb Sat 2ndMarch Tue 5th March Sat 16th March

7.45pm Oxford United

Haworth Art Gallery Opening Times Tuesday to Friday 12.00pm - 4.45pm Saturday, and Sunday 12.00pm - 4.15pm Closed on Monday’s and Bank Holidays

3.00pm 3.00pm

Southend United

Coventry City

Town Square Feb 23 • 10am to 4pm • Flash Mob Mar 10 • 1pm to 4pm • HistoryWalk

7.45pm Blackpool

3.00pm Rochdale Sat 30th March 3.00pm Fleetwood Tue 2nd April 7.45pm Sunderland Sat 13th April 3.00pm Walsall Fri 19th April 3.00pm Luton Sat 27th April 3.00pm

Other Events Feb 8 • 7:30pm • The Big Quiz of the Year • Accrington Golf Club Feb 24 • 1pm to 4pm • WizardingWorkshops • Rhyddings Coach House Mar 8 • 7:30pm • Bryan, The Ditch and TheWardrobe • Oswaldtwistle CivicTheatre Mar 24 • 2pm • The Greatest Show • Civic Arts Centre andTheatre, Oswaldtwistle Apr 7 • 11am to 3pm • #AmazingAccrington AccyBikeFest • Accrington Cricket Club Jun 23 • 10am to 4pm • Accrington Carnival

Mar 16 • 10am to 4pm • Charity and Community Fair Apr 6 to 12 • 10am to 4pm • Augmented Reality Launch Apr 6 • 10am to 4pm • Culture and Heritage Festival Apr 20 • 10am to 4pm • Easter Eggstravaganza

Plymouth Argyle

Fixtures and events correct at time of going to press.

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#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 1 3


Sun 7 th April Property Shop Arena At Accrington Cricket Club Thorneyholme Rd Accrington Bb5 5bd 11 am -3 pm


A c c y B i k e F e s t



A c c y B i k e F e s t

Just Some Of The Great Things On The Day Conventional Bike Ride Leaving at 12pm for one hour. Participants need to bring their own roadworthy bikes, be confident cyclists and wear the appropriate protective gear. Book online at from 1st March! (Note: limited numbers) Bike Doctor Bring your own bike along for a health check and basic repairs carried out free of charge Bike Hire One month hire of a bike: manual or electric! Come and find out more Bike Donation/Bike Swap Donate your old bike to one of our Bike Revival Schemes managed by North Lancs Training Group to help others or swap your bike! Electric Bike Ride Starting at 1.30pm for one hour. Bikes and helmets provided but must be confident cyclists and over 14 years old. No pre-booking needed, just turn up on the day! (Note: limited numbers) Adapted Bikes Tandem bikes, trikes, hand bikes, and make cycling available to all Non-Bikers Over 16? Never ridden a bike? Want to learn? Connecting East Lancashire will be there on the day to provide information on how to get FREE bike riding training Penny Farthing and Clown Bikes Try something different! Enter our FREE prize draw to win a bag full of cycling and walking merchandise on the day Information Stand Lots of merchandise to help you when cycling including free cycle maps and other freebies too! WATER BOTTLES FIRST 100 ONLY Free



3 PM








• Saturday 4th May 2019 • 11am – 4pm • Sponsors – Langtec • Accrington’s NewTown Square #AmazingAccrington Live is set to return to the town aer a successful first year. Saturday 4thMay 2019will see Accrington’s new Town Square come alive as local talent and guest stars take to the stage to showcase their singing skills. As well as a 30-minute set froma headline act, (yet to be announced), themusic festival will also consist of primary school and secondary school performances, and local music acts taking to the stage including an appearance fromElla Shaw. Food and drink stalls will line AccringtonTown Centre, with plenty of places for people to sit and enjoy the entire day! Keen to showoffeverything #AmazingAccrington has to offer, two home-grown acts will be invited to take to the stage. Local bands and solo singers who either reside in or are educated in Accrington are being asked to submit an application formand video audition by visiting or email charloe@sco

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#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 1 7

Alcohol free options available

• Friday 31st May – Sunday 2nd June • Headline sponsors are TECC • Set to take over the Town Hall for three days We’ll be(er) seeing you at Accrington’s very first Beer Festival! There will be more than 60 real ales and 20 ciders available at the event plus a Gin bar, which is set to take place over the course of three days from Friday 31 May to Sunday 2 June with our headline sponsors TECC. Coinciding with the annual Food and Drink Festival, the Beer Festival will be located in Accrington Town Hall and will be a ticketed section of the event, to ensure smooth running of the day. Tickets will be available on the day plus a pint glass sponsored by to take home. We are anticipating it to be a massive success and hope to make this another annual event. Keen to support your local community? Are you interested in sponsoring a barrel at this event? Email sue@sco for more information. Visit to book your tickets fromMarch onwards.

#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 1 9


• Saturday 1st June 2019 • 10am – 4pm • Gold sponsors - Studio, Property Shop, and Accrington and Rossendale College • Entertainment bigger and beer than ever • Popular WorldWar II re-enactment will take place A spitfire plane, more variety andmore stalls than ever beforewill ensure this year’s Accrington Food and Drink Festival is the BIGGEST and BEST to date! Sample delightful delicacies fromvarying, vibrant and diverse places Celebrity chef and food fest favourite, Richard Fox, will be returning to Accrington for his fih year to do cooking demonstrations and take on the role of compere. Childrenwill be able to benefit fromnumerous activities being run on the day...with a few surprises too! The introduction of family-friendly zones and vegan / coeliac friendly tempting treats will provide something for everyone to enjoy. Go to for updates or followon social media at... @accringtonfood @AccringtonFood around theworld – fromsweet to spicy, traditional to the peculiar – therewill be something for everyone to enjoy.

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#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 2 1

Our Creative Team can maximise your business publicity and improve your bottom line in 2019 What'sYour Story?

30 , 000 sq f t IN - HOUSE SERV I CES

Creative Studio 24 Hour Print Production Public Relations

Social Media Sponsorship Photographic Studio Procurement Fulfilment I Storage Telesales Market Research Reporting Signage I Livery Exhibition Management Digital Production I Asset Management Event Management Film Production

For an informal strategic marketing review call Murray on: 01282 426846 Alternatively arrange an appointment by email: | | scottdawsonad

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and Car Display Rally

• Saturday 31st August 2019 • 11:30am – 3:00pm • Gold sponsors - Emerson and Renwick - North Lancs Training Group Aer a hugely successful #AmazingAccrington Soapbox Challenge in September 2018, organisers are gearing up to host it for a second year... ...moving it to the newTown Square. The last event saw 21 contestants, over 8000 spectators, and a flurry of family fun stalls and activities. ‘Soapbox cars’ were historicallymade from wooden soap crates, hence the name, but materials have becomemore varied since the first publicly recorded Soapbox race in 1904! Competitors will be challenged to create a four-wheeled non-motorised Soapbox vehicle, using only gravity for fuel and speed. The soapboxmust have a formof steering, the ability to brake and competitor safety helmets must beworn – aside from that, there are no rules’s simply the first to reach the finishing linewins! Novelty prizes will also be awarded to competitors such as the Best Soapbox Design and Best TeamCostume. Last year saw the inaugural Soapbox Challenge raise £1664 for local charity, Maundy Relief. You can be a part of making a difference this year, with the winner of the challenge choosing a local charity to donate to. Categories are: • Businesses • Charities and Community Groups • Family and Friends A static display of cars will also be on display in theTown Centre on the day. Enter at or email charloe@sco for an application form


2 4 #Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9

#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 2 5

Chocolate Festival

2 6 #Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9

#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 2 7

• Saturday 28th September 2019 • 10am – 4pm • Gold sponsors are Property Shop You spoke andwe listened – this year will seemore stalls, more chocolate, andmore choice. Join us for a Chocolate Extravaganza! Taking place on Accrington’s newTown Square, therewill be a wide range of chocolate-themed stalls including: chocolate pies, chocolate pizza, chocolate churros, chocolate truffles, chocolate cookies, chocolate ice cream, chocolate fudge, chocolate puddings, chocolate fountain, chocolate gin, andmore. The free-to-aend event promises to be bigger and beer than the last, with vegan, gluten free and coeliac options also available for those who require. Visit to keep updated.

2 8 #Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9

#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 2 9


P H A S E 1



A Gated Development of 24 - 3/4 Bedroom Homes





For more information email or call 01254 350 122 07484 344 567



M O D E R N L U X U R Y L I V I N G F R O M £ 2 0 0 , 0 0 0

CRICKET CLUB... More than just your local



Page 1








08/02/2019 10:48 Page 1

Accrington and Rossendale College in partnership with the community, helping to refurbish community buildings. 10:48 Page 1 08/02/2019 10:48 Page 1

Sky Sports presenter and Accrington lad David Lloyd opening the arena.

Accrington v Walsden, Sat August 18th, 2018 (Picture courtesy of Nigel Stockley).

Property Shop joint Managing Director Jamie also getting stuck in to help.










Opponents Venue








Opponents Venue Venue

Opponents Venue Venue









Sun April 14th Norden Sat April 20th Todmorden Sat April 27th Lowerhouse 4th




S Sun April 21st Rochdale Sun April 28th Clitheroe



Sat July 20th Sun July 21st Sat July 27th Sat Aug 3rd Sun Aug 4th Sat Aug 10th Sat Aug 17th

F Fri June 28th Darwen (20/20) Sun June 30th Crompton



Sun April 21st Rochdale Sun April 28th Clitheroe







Sat May 4th Sun May 5th Sat May 11th Sun May 12th Sat May 18th Sat May 25th

Rishton (WorsleyCup 1stRnd)

Fri July 5th Sat July 6th Sun July 7th Sun July 14th Sat July 20th Sun July 21st Sat July 27th Sun July 28th Sat Aug 3rd Sun Aug 4th Sat Aug 10th Sun Aug 11th Sat Aug 17th

Sat May 4th Sun May 5th Sat May 11th Sun May 12th

Rishton (TelegraphCup 1stRnd)



Mon May 6th Sat May 11th Sat May 18th Sat June 1st Sat June 8th

Haslingden Middleton






Darwen Norden


(TelegraphCup 1stRndReserveDate)

(WorsleyCup 1stRndReserveDate)


Clitheroe 4th









Sun May 19th Darwen




Sat May 25th

Sun Aug 18th Todmorden


Ramsbottom Lowerhouse 20/20FinalsDay





Sat June 15th Lowerhouse 4th Sat June 22nd Clitheroe 4th

Sun May 26th Norden Sun June 2nd Todmorden


Sat Aug 24th


Sun May 26th Norden


Friday May 31st Enfield (20/20)

Sun Aug 25th Burnley

Sat June 29th Middleton

Sat June 8th Sun June 9th Sat June 15th

Sun Sept 1st Sun Sept 8th


Sat June 1st




FOR 5-8 YEAR OLDS The club will be running the successful All Stars Cricket programme again this year for any child who wants to start playing. This will run on Friday nights 6-7pm starting 31st May for 8 weeks (excluding 12th July). S RESERVE DATES (TBA) CONTACT MARK TAYLOR 07949 610512 FOR MORE DETAILS OR TO BOOK A PLACE FOR YOUR CHILD S

Sun July 7th





Fri June 7th Nelson (20/20)

Darwen Norden


Sat June 8th Sun June 9th Fri June 14th Sat June 15th




Sun June 16th Burnley





PHASE 1 RESERVE DATES (TBA) Sat July 20th Sun July 28th

PHASE 2 DATES (TBA) Sat Aug 17th Mon Aug 26th



Sat June 22nd

Burnley (20/20)




Sun June 23rd Walsden Sun June 30th Crompton


Sun Aug 18th Todmorden Sat Aug 24th Church Sun Aug 25th Burnley



Match and ball sponsorship is available for all home games. Contact Secretary Mark Taylor on 07949 610512 for more information or email

Sat Aug 3rd Sun Aug 11th

Sat Aug 31st Sat Sept 7th Sat Sept 14th Sun Sept 15th

Sun June 16th Burnley


Sat July 6th Sun July 7th


Fri June 21st Sat June 22nd

Lowerhouse (20/20)

No.1 choice to buy, sell and let your house

Sun Sept 1st Sun Sept 8th

Walsden Crompton




Sun June 23rd Walsden


Sun July 14th Clitheroe






3 2 #Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9

#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 3 3

prides itself on being an inclusive training centre... Bowley, in the SCOUTING TRADITION

...welcoming young people of all abilities, race and creed – to gain #SkillsForLife

Can you tell us more about a couple of the activities? I haven’t heard of Bushcra before. Bushcra is really what it says on the tin – cras in bushes! This can range from shelter building, knife and axe work, and fire lighting to wild food collection, water purification and learning international distress signals. Bushcra takes participants right back to basics and teaches survival skills without the use of modern technology such as phones, water filters, central heating etc. My favourite type of activity to teach and get involved with would be the water sports. We do kayaking and ra building at Bowley. They’re both very much a teameffort and rely on the participants working together and learning how important it is to be able to work well as a team. What other facilities do you have on offer at Bowley? Is it just the training base side of things? We have a lot on offer at Bowley –more thanmeets the eye. While we do have a wealth of activities we also have accommodation, a campfire circle, training and conference facilities and a chapel. The chapel is based on a field in the centre of the campsite and offers a serene and tranquil place for visitors; it’s the perfect seing for a Sunday service or a place to reflect. We have four different training and conference room facilities available so can cater for a wide range of needs. The campfire circle is one of the favourites amongst visitors, past and present, as it’s a special experience – a group of people, siing round a campfire, toastingmarshmallows, singing songs. The circle provides a real sense of community and togetherness. Frommastering basic fundamental skills required to participate in group activities and exercise to learning how to appreciate the importance of teamwork, I’d say there are a lot of benefits people get fromaending Bowley activities. The camp definitely acts as alternative education, offering a different approach than siing in a classroom. Each activity we do has some involvement of transferable skills – leadership, motivation, time management, delegation, listening, communication – to name but a few. However, it’s also very important to consider the fun factor! To put it simply, Bowley Scout Camp offers an incredibly exciting experience. What we have been doing for over 100 years is developing #SkillsForLife with young people who use it from learning right through to later life. What is one of the most important lessons Bowley will teach children aending? #SkillsForLife - Teamactivities help children understand that everyone has different abilities and it’s about working together to achieve the desired outcome, as well as learning that things will not always go ‘their way’. Tolerance of other people, working with people of different ages What benefits do children get from aending Bowley? Not just kids, adults too!

We spoke toMark Harrison, County Commissioner of East Lancashire Scouts, to find out more about Bowley Scout Camp. Why was it decided to open the camp up to people outside of the Scout and Guide Movements? The Scouting tradition is one based on inclusivity, regardless of ability, race, creed, background, age, and so on – which is the primary reason it was decided this site would be opened up for people outside of the Scout and GuideMovements. We decided it was important to work with like-minded partners with similar objectives to us, helping young people develop #SkillsForLife. This is done in a very managed way taking into account safeguarding and child protection rules, so at present we do only allow other community groups into Bowley Scout Camp to make use of the facilities and activities on offer. Partnering with compatible organisations, such as Accrington and Rossendale College, has allowed us to take amore active role in the local community. What type of activities do Bowley Scout Camp have available for people to partake in? Well there’s a question...a lot! Frompioneering and orienteering to water sports, clay pigeon shooting, grass sledging and Bushcra, to name but a few. I’m sure the name of the site will give this away, but we also have a campsite service and various other accommodation on site, available for use to local community groups and organisations.

Bowley Scout Camp Great Harwood

and backgrounds, working in the area with other faiths and beliefs, brings people together. For more information about Bowley Scout Camp or to book your group session visit Please note that Bowley Scout Camp is not open to the general public – bookings must bemade via the website for groups and organisations wishing to use the facilities, camp site or activities available.

Bowley Scout Camp was originally established as a training base for members of the Scout and Guidemovements over 50 years ago. The camp, based at the heart of East Lancashire in Great Harwood, now also provides specialist outdoor skills training to hundreds of young people and adult leaders, as well as acting as a host to schools and colleges for both weekday and weekend courses. Bowley Scout Camp is a hub of activity hidden away amongst 47 sprawling acres of beautiful meadow land, offering numerous opportunities, facilities and activities to various community groups in the area.

Opposite: Visitors have their choice of activities to take part in at Bowley Scout Camp. Above: The campfire circle brings a feeling of community and togetherness. The camp has numerous

indoor training and conference facilities on-site.

Camp amongst 47 sprawling acres of beautiful meadow land.

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Leaders gather in

#AMAZING ACCRINGTON to discuss Business, Brexit and ‘Bringing it Back to Lancashire’

Accrington Town Hall Council Chamber became a hive of activity for the aernoon at the most well-aended meeting to date when over 50 business leaders in Hyndburn gathered at the #AmazingAccrington meeting on Friday 25 January

Murray Dawson, Managing Director and Chairman of the #AmazingAccrington initiative, opened up the event to share with aendees the excitement of upcoming events in Accrington on the new Town Square and inside the Town Hall – including a brand-new Beer Festival set to take place for the first time. “As business leaders it’s important for us to bring footfall into the town, helping the economy and local traders where possible. We’re incredibly thankful to have so much support from businesses in and around Accrington with every event hosted in the town. We are here to celebrate businesses in the borough and also showcase the events going on in the town. This gives businesses the opportunity to get involved with the local community. This year will see the introduction of a Beer Festival to coincide with the annual Food and Drink Festival. With approximately 14,000 visitors aending the Food Festival every year it’s the biggest event in the town and we’re hoping the Beer Festival will be a massive success alongside it. We appreciate all business leaders who take the time out of their days to come to the #AmazingAccrington meetings; to help us beer the town today to keep future generations here tomorrow.”

themwhich will hopefully really benefit the local community. It’s brilliant to be here and see people coming together from a range of organisations. My aim is to make sure people are aware of the facilities that are available locally, as individuals and employers it’s really important we all share information and celebrate the great things Hyndburn has to offer.” Graham Jones, Member of Parliament for Hyndburn, addressed the room: “It’s fabulous to be here in Accrington Town Hall, alongside our usual informative event today we have reflected on some bigger issues. As businesses it’s on your shoulders to shout about our community, to support it and help make it great. Meetings like this are so important for us to come together and support each other. As a community, and a country, we are in a difficult situation due to the obvious…Brexit. It’s a dark cloud at the minute hanging over us and yes, there are concerns. I am here to support the people, businesses and the community. There has been some friendly and healthy debate here today, which is always welcomed! I hope that people have lewith a beer understanding of my own position on the current climate and also with reassurance that I have the community interests as my priority.”

Lyndsey Sims, CEO of Hyndburn Leisure Trust, took to the panel to share an overview of the trust and Accrington Town Hall: “We want to encourage people to get up and active. We estimate around £2million of our money stays in Lancashire currently, we employ people from the local area, we give back and that’s what we want to continue to do going forward. The leisure facilities are a priority for us – they are well loved, well used, and we intend to upgrade

Above: #AmazingAccrington business leaders meeting at Accrington Town Hall, Council Chamber. Right: Miranda Barker, CEO East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce. Far right (Top down): Lyndsey Sims, CEO Hyndburn Leisure Trust and Graham Jones, Member of Parliament for Hyndburn. Lyndsey Sims, CEO Hyndburn Leisure Trust; Coun. Miles Parkinson; Graham Jones MP; Sharon Lindsay Hurst, Marketing Director, Accrington and Rossendale College. Murray Dawson, Managing Director of Scott Dawson Advertising. Steve Riley, Hyndburn Borough Council. Benson, HR Director at Studio Retail Ltd and

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The meeting was aended by over 50 key business people in the area including Sharon Benson, HR Director, Studio Retail Ltd., Steven Chippendale, Managing Director, Property Shop; Miranda Barker, CEO East Lancashire Chamber of Commerce; and Richard Slater, Publisher of Lancashire Business View. Richard commented: “Lancashire Business View have launched a major campaign to bring back £1bn to the county. The campaign urges businesses to buy as local as they can. Initiatives like #AmazingAccrington are a prime mover in this goal. It’s a fantastic opportunity and initiative, today we have had a great time and it’s made connecting with other businesses easy. It’s brilliant to hear these events are growing, with more and more businesses aending.” Councillor Steve Riley closed the event with an update about Hyndburn Borough Council. “The newTown Square is now complete. It celebrates everything the town is about – its history, its people, its successes – giving residents and visitors a place to enjoy. Events taking place in

#AmazingAccrington are puing the town on the map; not just nationally, but in the world. 23 shops have registered to receive grants in Accrington Town Centre up to date; things are moving forward, it’s starting to happen. The council have invested in the clean-up of the town centre through the employment of dedicated staff, as well as planning improvements into the outdoor market stalls, Broadway, and so on. We have also updated a number of CCTV cameras to HD quality, to improve security. Doom and gloom is now far from everybody’s lips. Negative talk doesn’t achieve anything; if we are not being positive and promoting our town, then who will? I hope my short update shows that Accrington will, and is, flourishing.”

For more information about #AmazingAccrington visit

Above (clockwise from top left): Henri Murison, Director, The Northern Powerhouse Partnership. Jake Berry MP, Minister for the Northern Powerhouse. Paul Kendrick, Managing Director, Studio Retail Ltd.. Joe McIntyre, Deputy Chief Executive, Hyndburn Borough Council. Left: Stuart Nevison, Chairman, Globe Enterprises Ltd. Andy Holt, Majority Shareholder and Chairman, Accrington Stanley Football Club.

Kan No Senshi... The official TubeWarrior mascots of Langtec!

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Their products have Ministry of Defence approval , are found within huge construction projects and….we can’t talk about this, but Langtec made a component that’s found its way into the service of a very important, very orange person

...a business with personality!

So, what do they make? Tubes! Specialist, bespoke, composite tubes. #AmazingAccrington paid a visit to their Althamfactory to get a closer look at the process and tomeet theman heading up the business. AndrewTurner, Managing Director of Langtec, is also not your typical boss! Upon arriving at Langtec we were greeted by the Kan No Senshi, (the official TubeWarrior mascots of Langtec) and treated to some official merchandise. “I like to bring personality to the business. On the surface tubes might not seem hugely interesting, however when made right and by specialists like us, they are a fundamental component for some really exciting things.” The tubes aremade from compositematerial for electrical and thermal insulation – this means they don’t conduct heat or electricity. “Tubes made by Langtec, here in Accrington, can be found extensively throughout the world in a huge range of industries. Fromflares, lifeboats and aeroplanes, to bumble bee keeping equipment.” Handmade and bespoke, on a large scale Andrew takes the personal approach with Langtec’s 43 members of staff, the majority being long-term employees. “It’s almost impossible to hire someone fully trained to do the role. There are very few companies worldwide that manufacture these items to our specifications. Each of our employees is trained by us and very highly skilled. We are a brilliant team and hugely value each member of staff. We more recently started taking on young people We watched as Mario hand-turned the material around the metal guide tube (mandrel), ensuring its even distribution and counting each layer by eye. Aer being ‘wrapped’ the tube is then put into the industrial sized oven which cures the tubes and binds all the layers together. The guide tube removed, and the bespoke, handmade product is ready to be cut to size and shipped around the world. Although wrapped in so, malleable materials such as paper, the end product feels like it’s made of solid wood. Langtec produce a huge range of tubes, from phenolic paper to glass, coon and and mica paper, priding themselves on quality and affordability. “We ship to everywhere and anywhere. Being a niche product, order sizes can be anywhere from four tubes to 400 tubes. We do get orders from here in Hyndburn too though!” In the 30 years that Andrew has been part of Langtec, the company has trebled in size. This is largely due to breaking into the American market. Langtec have also won the Queen’s Award for International Trade on two occasions – prestigious awards which they proudly display. Over 360,000 tubes a year “We make around 1000 tubes a day which, considering the crasmanship involved, is a real credit to our team. The process we and it’s been really successful.” Lichtenstein, Peru, Mauritius…

use is the same as always, although the application hasn’t changed much the techniques have evolved, creating a quicker turn around and higher quality, meaning we’ve been able to expand the business.” Langtec have also invested in some top-secret machines, we took a sneak peek but unfortunately our photographer was swily escorted away for this part of the tour... £200,000 of machinery that has been purpose built to Langtec’s exact specification, something else we can’t talk about! History - 100 years “2019 will see Langtec celebrate 100 years since the company was founded. Frederick Algernon Langley, a general merchant, bought and sold ceramic tiles throughout the British Empire. In 1919 his company was founded on Borough High Street in London, and through the years it evolved to become Langtec.” Before the move to Hyndburn in 1989, the business took many forms and diversified, including making insulation and electronic components to help during WW2. The business made a significant contribution to the war effort, particularly for radio equipment supplies.

AndrewTurner has worked for Langtec for over 30 years, first as an accountant and now as Managing Director. Langtec now also own 51%share of a company who also produce tubes, in County Cork. We can’t help but feel this was more than just a business move for Andrew seven years ago... Punk and personality Self-confessed adrenaline junkie Andrew has many hobbies. “It’s not a coincidence that Inchydony beach in Cork, Ireland, has become one of my most visited surfing sports. We work hard at Langtec but we have fun at the same time! I want to always make sure personality is a part within the ethos of Langtec.” “You can’t make tubes sexy! So what sets us apart?What makes us unique? Of course, the products themselves but there is more to Langtec and that’s something our customers enjoy. We take our TubeWarrior mascots with us to exhibitions and it always raises eyebrows alongside questions!” It’s safe to say Langtec are quirky and a lile bit punk. From the TubeWarriors greeting you at reception, to top secret clients and what can only be described as a ‘Stanley shrine’ area – the business is refreshing and inviting. With a personal interest in sports and events Andrew has made sure he’s supportive of the local community, not only as an individual, but as a business. #ShopLocal The sweets on offer in the office were created and purchased down the road, the machines are made in neighbouring town Padiham and even their Christmas card featured images of Accrington on it.

“Personally, and professionally, I take great pride in our Accrington location and we want to support our community as well as the rest of the UK, particularly with pending uncertainties such as Brexit. We like to get involved wherever we can and are looking forward to all the 2019 events scheduled in the town.” Langtec sponsor a sign at theWhamStadium as well as the local baseball team ‘Robots of Doom’. They also sponsor an American amateur football team, BearFight FC, forging links with Accrington to the American punk football team! “Aer a brilliant time last year, we are excited to sponsor the free family music festival, #AmazingAccrington Live 2019. The Soapbox Challenge was also a highlight so will be definitely taking part in this With aerospace, electrical and hundreds of technical industrial uses the amount of applications for their tubes is too long to list! Langtec are continually expanding and looking to recruit more agents overseas, adding to those in the USA, France and Singapore - whilst also focusing on increasing trade within the UK. Peculiar products, confidential clients and secret systems… “Not many people fully understand what we do, we are a bit of a mystery and I don’t mind keeping it that way!” For more information on Langtec, what they do or to contact them with an enquiry, visit again too!” The future

Peculiar products, confidential clients and secret systems

Above and far right: Andrew Turner, Managing Director of Langtec. Right: Mario Vasconcelos hand turning the composite tube.

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#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9 4 1

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