Neve Genesys Black

The Perfect Modern Console for the Modern Studio

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Genesys Black; Everything, all together.

w w w . n e v e . c o m

The Perfect Console for the Modern Studio

The Genesys Black’s ground-breaking design incorporates both Neve’s industry- revered analogue circuit design and AMS’s world-leading digital control technology, combining 100 years of digital and analogue audio legacy. AMS Neve engineers have worked closely with a global clientele of audio professionals in order to design and create the perfect console for the studio of today - Genesys Black.

Digital Audio Workstations have empowered engineers with tools that give artists, engineers, and producers an unprecedented level of productivity, far beyond that which can be achieved with a traditional analogue workflow. While extremely versatile, in-the-box mixes lack the sonic excellence required for creating music at the highest level, and at some point, at the recording, mixing, or mastering stage, every mix must pass through classic linear analogue circuitry to achieve that polished, professional sound.

Modern hybrid studios use a combination of analogue and digital audio technology to create highquality recordings. However, hybrid setups often cut back on essential analogue features in favour of a fast, in-the-box workflow. The Genesys Black’s no compromise design contains all of the necessary analogue and digital studio technology within a singular, central workstation, providing the perfect solution for the modern studio. The Genesys Black console delivers legendary large-format Neve sound while harnessing the ultimate power of the modern DAW workflow.

Genesys Black

The Definitive Hybrid Audio Workstation

w w w . n e v e . c o m

Legendary Analogue Sound

Neve® Flagship Monitoring The Genesys Black master section is the heart of the console, providing everything you need to mix, master and monitor your music. The powerful monitor section offers the same high-headroom mix bus architecture found in the world-leading large format 88RS console featuring a frequency bandwidth response that surpasses high sample rate digital audio quality. The Genesys Black builds upon this sonic foundation by combining the 88RS pure analogue signal path with powerful digital control elements for instant reset of console routing and monitor settings. The console’s monitor section provides four loudspeaker connections - 2x stereo and 2x 5.1 – and four analogue external inputs - 2x stereo and 2x 5.1 – delivering unparalleled monitoring options for any studio setting. Channel, DAW, 8-track, 2-track, and monitor metering are provided via 48-segment LED’s using Neve 88RS-style ballistics for supremely accurate PPM or VU scale metering of all console signal paths. Genesys Black is capable of producing simultaneous 5.1 and dual-stereo mixes by utilising its digital routing matrix and LCR panning system. 20 separate mono signal paths via its 8T groups, aux sends, stereo and 2T mix busses offer vast output routing possibilities for the most demanding sessions. The console also boasts four digitally controlled stereo reverb returns which gives ultimate connectivity to external FX units, and its two dedicated cue mix busses with multiple source blending options, are ideal for creating unique performer headphone mixes. Unique Hybrid Workflow Genesys Black leads the way in hybrid console design with its fully automatable and recallable analogue processing via the on-board Total Recall™ software. The 1073 preamps, analogue EQ and dynamics are automatically recalled at the push of a button, giving artists, engineers, and producers the ability to work on multiple projects and switch between DAW sessions effortlessly. The ground-breaking GenesysControl plugin allows you to automate and store analogue processing and channel strip functions within the DAW, giving an unprecedented level of control over real analogue console features. The central multi-touch screen - 16 dedicated DAW faders, mutes, cuts, solos and automation switches gives you total control over an in-the-box mix providing a unique hybrid workflow. Stereo DAW metering, transport control, HUI encoders, keyboard armrest and DAW flip mode completely integrates the power of modern DAW workflow into the console surface. Its eight mono groups with their own inserts are ideal for stem mixing, and two independent stereo master mix busses offer unparalleled flexibility when creating dual analogue mixes from the same console pass.

Genesys Black contains all of the analogue tools necessary for producers, engineers, and artists to create the highest quality recordings. Each analogue channel strip features legendary 1073® preamps with exclusive Marinair® transformers. Each preamp is digitally controlled, delivering Total Recall™ of preamp settings on a session-by-session basis. Uniquely, Genesys Black has digitally controlled analogue 88R 4-Band EQ on every channel strip assignable to either the channel or the monitor signal path. The sonic palette can be extended further still by adding the optional 1084 inductor-based EQ.

The VCA dynamics card , derived from the powerful dynamics processing found on the 88RS console channel strip, can be added to any group of 8 channels, or across the entire board, providing a digitally controlled Compressor/Gate/Expander on every channel strip. This ‘hardware plug-in’, modular design lets you customise the Genesys Black to fit the needs of your studio and budget. Two hardware inserts per channel allow you to effortlessly connect to studio outboard gear and the drag-and-drop processing order feature gives total flexibility when creating and customising your analogue signal flow. Four mono and two stereo aux busses offer a host of creative possibilities when connecting to outboard FX units or when creating unique performer cue mixes. The dual input in-line channel strip gives the console a double channel count when mixing large sessions. Motorised faders enable total dual-layer control of monitor and channel levels and complete automation of all analogue signal paths.

Optional internal AD/DA conversion modules delivers professional digital conversion via MADI or Dante connection, providing a digital direct output from every channel, as well as two digital returns into the channel and monitor path. The master section AD/DA card provides a digital output for all 8T groups, aux’s, 2 Track, and stereo mix outputs as well as an additional digital 5.1 external input. This powerful AD/DA package delivers ultimate plug and play connectivity, eliminating the need for an external audio interface.

Break Out of the Box Control the console from your DAW with the one-of-a-kind automation plugin. Harness the power and speed of an in-the-box workflow while reaping all of the benefits of Neve analogue console sound.

Transport & Plugin Control Section

Digital Routing Matrix

Complete studio infrastructure in a box – just add Mac/PC, monitoring and music. The touchscreen enabled interface makes even the most complex routing setups simple and easy to create.

Total DAW control from the console surface. Scroll wheel, snap-to markers, control software plugins and create automation easily without having to use a mouse.

Genesys Channel Strip - Automated

Drag & Drop Processing Order

Choose your Workflow The dedicated DAW control section, complete with 16 DAW faders, solos, mutes, and metering allow you to effortlessly blend a traditional analogue console workflow with in-the-box mixing for the ultimate hybrid workflow.

• Control and automate the analogue 88R/1084 EQ, dynamics and channel strip routing switches from within the DAW • Rename scribble strip on a session by session basis • Stereo link entire channel strips at the push of a button • Automate both long and short faders for ultimate dual-layer control

Ultimate flexibility and control of the analogue signal flow. Change processing order of EQ, Dynamics and dual hardware inserts easily on a channel by channel basis.

Mix & Edit your Tracks in the Sweet Spot The Genesys Black’s centralised design allows you to create music without ever leaving the sweet spot. Analogue processing, DAW waveform editing, plugin control and automation edits can all be made from the central multi-touch screen, leaving you free to focus on what’s important – the music.

Enormous Scalability & Monitoring Power

Build your console as your studio grows by adding 16-channel extension baskets, producers table section and additional modules.

Any size Genesys Black console is expandable on-site up to a maximum of 48 faders with 96 inputs.

Master Section Controls

Automate and control the Genesys Black master section including: • 8T group and AUX bus masters • Stereo master fader

Digital Control, Pure Neve® Analogue Sound Genesys Black leads the way in digitally controlled analogue processing, enhancing analogue console workflow with the speed necessary for today’s hybrid studios. 88RS style 4-band EQ, 1084 inductor-based EQ, and VCA-style Dynamics options deliver the purest possible Neve analogue sound with automatic Total Recall™ of all settings.

Mastering-grade AD/DA converters

• Mix L/R insert points • Stereo reverb returns

Genesys Black is the complete studio package. The optional digital conversion cards handle all AD/DA conversion internally via professional MADI or Dante connection. With this option installed, the Genesys Black requires no external audio interface, giving the simplest possible plug-and-play connectivity to your studio computer.

w w w . n e v e . c o m

“It sounds amazing. The desk has just taken everything to the next level. We love it - we could have had any console we wanted but the Genesys Black just did everything that we wanted it to do”.

Take it from the Top

Snoop Dogg, Rapper/Songwriter/Producer Beach City Music, LA

Jeff Greenberg: “It is a fantastic compromise between old and new ways of recording because it delivers the great analogue sound of Neve, while easily enabling modern hybrid workflows,” Mike Piersante: “The Genesys was always my first choice, the sonics of the analogue path, combined with the 1073 preamps and vintage EQs, is a feature we all love. This desk delivers a lot of flexibility and gives us options we didn’t have at the studio we co-ran in the past.”

Jeff Greenberg & Mike Piersante Village Studios, Los Angeles

“I did a tracking session on a Genesys Black and I was very, very happy with the results. The preamps sounded great. I was able to sit down and it immediately felt ‘familiar’ to me. It was a really great experience.”

Steve Genewick, Recording Engineer Queen, Paul McCartney, Michael Buble

“Working on a large format analogue console is a must for big recording sessions, and when you combine that with the really amazing sounding of 40 channels of 1073 preamps and 1084 EQs, you have a great place to start any session. We also like having the ability to save individual analogue channel strips and recall them in an instant. That makes a big difference to how fast we can set up a session.”

“I mainly work ‘in-the-box’ however a lot of the music I write isn’t beats and synth led, it’s acoustic instruments that need to be well recorded to sound great. By investing in Genesys Black, I’ve been able to declutter and make the whole place a much more inspiring place. I’ve taken out all but a few bits of outboard. Instead everything is right there, hidden in plain sight and all to hand.”

Jyri Riikonen, Senior Sound Engineer & Studio Manager E-Studio, Finland

Adam Argyle, Songwriter/Producer Rita Ora, Dua Lipa, Olly Murs

“To say I am blown away by this console is an understatement. The combination of Genesys Black and GenesysControl has completely revolutionised the way I work. I get all the benefits of Neve’s fabulous analogue EQ and dynamics without having to sacrifice any of the convenience of working ‘in-the-box’. It is transformative.”

“We chose to install a Genesys Black G32 in our main studio and a Genesys G32 in our second room. Having two very different analogue EQ designs and being able to A/B them is a very valuable tool for teaching. Also having the choice of swapping EQ cassettes from one room to another to create a full ‘vintage’ analogue desk or a small format equivalent of an 88R is incredible.”

Carlos Rodgarman, Producer/Arranger/Engineer Juan Gabriel, Beto Cuevas, Jenni Rivera

Rob Phillips, Principal Technical Officer for Music University of Hertfordshire

Key Features

• 1073® mic pre/line amplifiers • Dedicated DAW control section • Total reset & Total Recall™ • 88R-style, 4-band EQ • 8 Auxes (4 mono and 2 stereo) • 4 stereo effects returns • 5.1 monitoring • Full talkback capability • USB stick store, load & reset • Channel range: from 8 to 48 channel

• DAW monitoring • High definition multi-touch display • Motorised analogue/DAW control faders • Stereo or LCR panning • 8 groups, 2 main outs • Channel, DAW, 8t, 2t and monitor metering • 2 cue mixes • Internal PSU • Hands-on DAW control for multiple DAW platform

• Expandable to 48 channels, straight or with wedges • Integrated AD/DA conversion of channel and monitor section I/O • Digitally controlled, analogue 1084 classic EQ • Digitally controlled, analogue dynamics (VCA-style) • 700mm wide producer’s section • GenesysControl plugin Scalability Options

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