Neve 8424

Small format console, large format features, flaship console sound.

C O N N E C T The 8424 console is designed to be the central hub that ties your analogue and digital studio equipment together.

C O M P O S E You can connect instruments directly into the 8424 console, ready to record at the push of a button.

C R E A T E The 8424 is the ultimate creative platform, with recording and mixing options to suit any creative workflow.

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The 8424 is a masterpiece of elegant design, with stunning sound and total ease of use at a breakthrough price.

Designed and hand-crafted in the UK by Neve® engineers, the 8424 continues a long lineage of world-class Neve consoles. The 8424’s Marinair® transformer-coupled stereo mix bus, derived from the iconic 80-series consoles, delivers legendary Neve sound when mixing. 24 channels, four mono groups, and 48-mix capability give this small-format console large-format routing and summing potential. This modern approach to console design gives artists and producers the professional tools required to create high-quality, polished tracks, placing them firmly in the upper tier of music professionals without the additional cost of unnecessary hardware. The 8424 is designed to be straightforward and accessible to all. Every piece of studio magic can now be connected through the ultimate creative platform – the 8424.

Many of today’s producers, artists, and engineers work primarily in the box, combining ITB plugin processing with analogue outboard gear in a hybrid style. This hybrid way of working merges the best of linear analogue sound with the speed of modern DAW workflow. However, hybrid systems often lack essential features and ultimate sound quality that only large-format analogue consoles can deliver. The 8424 console is designed to put these key features back into the hands of the producer, transforming the hybrid studio setup into a professional console-based production facility. This versatile and powerful workstation becomes a central, creative hub for your studio, the place where analogue gear, synthesizers, and a host of instruments combine with the digital world of DAW workflow and software plugins.

8424 Small format console Large format features Flagship console sound

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Aux and Cue Sends The stereo cue send uses voltage mixing through Marinair® transformers, delivering the highest quality headphone mixes for performers and a host of secondary mix options. Three mono aux sends with level and pre/post fader options provide a comprehensive bus system for connecting to outboard FX units.

Inserts and Routing 24 switchable channel inserts are perfect for connecting outboard units directly to the console. The balanced inserts are connected via simple-input TRS connection , allowing producers to connect without a patchbay with current studio cabling.

The flexible insert options can route the insert to input C , allowing analogue outboard processing to be applied to all 48 console inputs.

Aux 2 and 3 can perform a second stereo cue mix function, with full talkback and monitoring capability for additional performers.

Console routing is handled by the backlit switching matrix , providing a fast and simple routing system for all console signal paths.

Dual front-mounted headphone outputs allow performers to record from the control room, connecting directly to the console with ease.

Create mono or stereo stems effortlessly with the group pan function .

Dual Input Channel Strip A key design concept of the 8424 console is the inclusion of a dual input channel strip . This feature allows for 24 DAW returns and 24 recording inputs to simultaneously connect to the console. Engineers can switch from record mode to mix mode at the push of a button. Each channel has a digitally-controlled trim encoder with independent recording and mixing trim levels, providing total accuracy and control over all incoming signals, perfect for stereo instruments and preamps. All 24 channels have a digitally-controlled direct output , allowing for a customisable recording setup built to your studio requirements. Expand the consoles recording capabilities by connecting existing studio preamps or by adding up to three Neve 1073OPX units.

Professional Solo System

The 8424 console features three professional solo modes found on large-format consoles. The Solo-in-Place (SIP) destructive solo mode preserves mix processing, while After-Fader Listen (AFL) and Pre-Fader Listen (PFL) non-destructive solo modes preserve the console outputs when recording. Global solo controls allow engineers to switch from latching to momentary, globally select AFL/PFL, or to reset all console solos. Channels, groups and reverb returns can be isolated from the solo system with the ISO function at the push of a button.

The 8424 console features numbered 100mm long-throw faders for easy mix navigation, delivering accurate ergonomic control of all console levels.

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The 8-stage LED PPM meter provides accurate metering for all 24 channels.

Group and Stereo Mix Processing

Onboard Recall System The 8424 onboard recall system enables Total Recall™ of all console switch settings, pot positions, and fader levels. Integrate the console into your DAW workflow by saving console settings on a session by session basis.

Four mono groups, each with a direct output, switchable insert point, and 500-series smart routing are ideal for creating high quality stem mixes. The stereo mix bus uses voltage mixing derived from the iconic Neve 80-series console range. This Marinair® transformer-coupled mix bus is complemented with a switchable stereo insert, and 500-series smart routing options which delivers a host of mix processing options. The four mono groups and stereo mix bus feature a high/low shelving EQ for sweetening up mixes and stems, and the stereo mix bus features Neve’s proprietary stereo-width function. This unique feature sweeps from mono right through to an enhanced super-wide stereo image.

The recall feature automatically scans the console pot and fader positions prompting the engineer to manually recall any pot or fader out of position from the console store.

Manual scan mode allows the engineer to recall single channels and console parameters one by one. This comprehensive system enables Total Recall™ of all console settings in a matter of minutes.

Large-Format Console Monitoring The console has a professional large-format monitoring system , featuring separate AFL/PFL, DIM, and monitor level attenuators that delivers accurate stereo monitoring through all gain levels. Engineers can connect to three loudspeaker sets , each with its own level calibration attenuator, and connect external inputs with ease via three external inputs including an under-armrest mounted 3.5mm imon jack for iPhone/Android/MP3 player connection.

500 Series Smart-Routing The consoles 500-series slots can house any VPR alliance approved 500-series unit. Each slot has rear-mounted I/O for hard patching into any channel. The 500-series smart routing allows you to choose where to use these slots during mixing or recording.

At the push of a button, the slots can be smart routed as mix inserts, group inserts , or as recording inserts for the 1073’s and instrument DI’s for customising your recording chain.

Professional Metering and Reverb Returns Dual large backlit VU meters are housed in the centre of the console. This professional system can be assigned to all mix busses for accurate metering of outgoing console signals. The dual stereo reverb returns with level and balance control, routing switches, and to-cue send provide the perfect platform for connecting outboard FX units into the console while preserving the 48 mono inputs.

Neve Recording Inputs The 8424 centre section contains two independent 1073 preamps , separate from the 24 console channels. These high-quality recording inputs with Marinair ® input and output transformers can be hard patched into any console channel and have smart routing switches for assigning to channels 17-18 at the push of a button.

Dual independent DI Inputs allow artists to connect instruments directly to the console and record instantly at the console surface, each has smart routing to assign to channels 19-20 at the push of a button.

Motorised Faders

The centrepiece for your studio

The motorised fader package transforms this pure analogue console into a fully integrated DAW controller, combining the benefits of analogue signal flow with complete in-the-box control. Multi-Layer Control MDAC digital technology allows you to flip between analogue and DAW fader levels at the push of a button, creating in-the-box and analogue mixes simultaneously. Multi-DAW Workstation

The 8424 allows you to work on multiple DAWs of your choice. Switch between Logic, Pro Tools, Cubase, or any of your favourite DAWs. Transport Controls Take control of the DAW timeline from the console surface with automation switches, play, stop, rewind, fast-forward, loop, record and marker mode. DAW Processing and Routing DAW pan positions, aux send levels, and plugin controls can be controlled and automated using the console HUI controls. Everything you need to work in the box is at your fingertips. Active Faders

The 8424 is the foundation stone that transforms your in-the-box/hybrid studio into a professional, console-based facility. Remain creative with ergonomic control of your entire mix and Total Recall™ of all settings. Customise your recording capability by adding one, two, or three 1073OPX 8-channel preamps. Pay for what you need, as you need it, expand the console with professional 19” rack outboard gear of your choice. Keep your current ITB workflow and enhance your creative capabilities with real console features. Remain connected to your instruments and studio equipment at all times, jamming offline through the console. 48-mix mode – mix up to 48 mono channels simultaneously. In-line mixing mode – record, mix and monitor on the same channel strip. Parallel processing – harness the power of parallel processing on each channel strip using real analogue hardware inserts.

This feature is perfect for producing a final mixdown and automating post-processing analogue fader levels by transposing DAW fader levels onto the analogue fader levels.


Key Features

• Two Inputs per channel – seamlessly switch from mix to record Inputs • Third channel strip input for dual-layer use

• Customisable front-end capability • Mix up to 48 mono signals at once • Marinair® Transformers on Mix, AFL, CUE bus for true Neve® voltage mixing • 80-series Neve® sound • Large format console centre section - multiple speaker sets, dual cue system and three-way talkback system • 500 series slots for internal expansion options • 1073® preamps and DI inputs with smart routing for recording in the live or control room • In-Line console capability • 25-way D-Type and balanced jack inputs on rear and on front for a combination of simple and professional I/O connection

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