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We have filled this edition of the magazine with success, sponsorship and good news stories...



Success for the Clayton based bakery FOR THE PIES WIN! STANLEY  UPDATES Sponsorships, success and supporters club

09 Oct Healthier Hyndburn 17 Nov Handmade Christmas Market 28 Nov Christmas Light Switch On 15 Dec Christmas Family Fun Day Dec Best Dressed Christmas Window


Rochcare opens a new specialist residential dementia care home in Oswaldtwistle to service the needs of Hyndburn and the surrounding boroughs. Purpose built for residential care for people aged 65+ and also for those living with Dementia. Pendle Brook O S W A L D T W I S T L E

New 5 Star Luxury


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We have filled this edition of the magazine with success, sponsorship and good news stories... With 60 pages, it’s great to see just howmuch has happened in the borough over the last 6 months and also to look forward to all the future events! Don’t forget to put them into your calendar. On the surface we are all about big events... But behind the scenes we are primarily a business leaders’ group too, it's what #AmazingAccrington was set up for. It's through the support of these individuals that the awesome events are made possible, the content for the magazine is created and new ideas are forged. With the upcoming Hyndburn Education summit, plus future business leader’s meetings lined up, I am confident that together we are making real change that’s reflected in the local community.

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DannyWilkin had a chat with #AmazingAccrington about his Hyndburn roots and riding the wave of the music industry INTERNATIONAL POP SENSATION

After a 4-year hiatus push baby, the band formally known as Rixton, are back and shocking fans with new edgy material. After a change in style, label and sound, they are barely recognisable. Did you know one quarter of the band grew up in Hyndburn? Danny managed to fit an interview in with us, in-between international flights and recording newmusic, to tell us about his own journey. Chatting to us from Lisbon, Danny reflected on the early days of the band, when it was about mates making some extra money and having a laugh. “We would write together, play covers and get drunk... exactly how college should be.” “Some songs we wrote were bad, some were really really bad...” Danny was introduced to Jake Roche, frontman of the band, in late 2009 by his best mate and drummer Matt Bamber, who he previously performed with. “When I first met Jake, we focussed on making covers and this grew into writing songs together. I have to say, some songs we wrote were bad, some were really really bad... but you know if you have a spark with someone, myself and Jake definitely had that connection.” Alongside this Danny was working at his parent’s pub as a chef then decided to start university. “I was making good money as a chef, plus earning a little from our band on the side but I always thought I wanted to go to university, it seemed like a natural progression for me.

Don’t give up, know yourself and remember even when it feels like things have ended, that might just be the beginning of the best part of your life!

I dropped out aer a few months and very much felt like I didn’t fit in there. It was quite quickly I realised the course wasn’t for me. This did give me opportunity to focus on music more and at the time, we were all searching for our own identities. We found management in London, which was a really exciting time. It was through themwe pulled in Charley Bagnall on guitar, he added a great rock and RnB element to the band. We then brought in Lewi Morgan on the drums who was channelling blink 182 and Travis Barker... it worked so well. Slowly but surely, we built something awesome.”

Left: Danny Wilkin. Right Danny Wilkin (left) and Jake Roche (right).

Overleaf: push baby.

4 #Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn  2 0 1 9

Currently in Lisbon, working to develop his songwriting skills with some brilliant artists such as AZTX and April Ivy, Danny began to reflect on his time spent in Accrington as a child. “I have really fond happy memories of growing up in Accrington, sadly I don’t get to come back very much because we are always on the road but I visit my grandparents who live in the area as often as I can. I grew up on Balmoral Road, just off Burnley Road which was great as I could walk to school [Peel Park Primary] everyday! I spent my summers in Oak Hill Park having picnics and my winters there sledging. I also learnt to play basketball at Coppice Park and went mountain-biking there with my step-dad over the weekends. At 11 I moved to Huncoat which was also fantastic as I could take my bike over Mill Hill Lane to visit my friend. It’s safe to say I spent a lot of my childhood outdoors exploring Hyndburn! My parents have always been incredibly supportive, for the highs and the lows. My dad taught me piano at age 4 and I have never stopped playing since. They let me develop and grow but never pushed me, I am incredibly grateful for that.

With the backing of their manager, Scooter Braun, the band named themselves push baby. A nod to their pop roots and their ability to power through. “We began to make our own music, directed our own videos and had complete control of everything. Nowwe are in a position to share that with the world whilst constantly creating and evolving ... musically and visually. The newmusic has strong pop melodies with more RnB production. The first single, ‘Mama’s House’, is a direct reflection of the turmoil we went through and that feeling of returning home after being on top of the world.” Fans have taken to social media to tell the world of their delight at the boys being back in business! The reception to push baby’s music has been phenomenal, listening to any track you can hear the authenticity and vulnerability that hasn’t come across previously. As fantastic as their previous music was, push baby has a raw sound that is unlike other music out there. “It’s honesty in its purest form, and we’re all incredibly proud of everything we have made and will make. We don’t look too far ahead; we are certainly living in the moment. It’s not about success, it’s about connection. If that’s 100 people or 100 million people, either way is great.”

“Calling ourselves Rixton we started with covers, posting on YouTube and doing small shows where possible. It was during a writing session in 2012 we got the call, that life-changing call we had all hoped for. It was Scooter Braun, the manager for the likes of Justin Bieber and Arianna Grande! Obviously, we instantly thought it was a joke, but it turned out he had seen our stuff and he arrived the following day for discussions. It was at this point we realised our lives would change.” Their first single, “Me and My Broken Heart” released in early 2014 hit number 1 in the UK and charted in the USA, Australia and Sweden. The single went gold, but it wasn’t all plain sailing. The band were flown to America, swiftly signed to Universal and recorded their first albumwith Benny Blanco. Just a few days into the album process, Scooter Braun surprised themwith news of their first signed gig. Supporting Justin Bieber at Madison Square Garden! “To have you first signed gig as supporting Justin Bieber in front of 20,000 people was a dream come true, it was a long way away from the 100-capacity gigs in London. It was an incredible experience.” Despite writing together for years, Danny didn’t feel like they had much to say, maybe they hadn’t lived enough just yet to produce multiple albums of music that resonates?

“After the debut single went to number 1 in the UK we then sold out a tour in America, UK and Europe... we toured with Arianna Grande and Ed Sheeran for over two years, we were living the dream but the second and third singles weren’t quite as successful. We were carried away in the moment, but we didn’t have much experience or much to say and we also didn’t have much control over what we produced. I guess it’s possible we didn’t know ourselves well enough just yet and were just incredibly grateful to be in the position we were in. When you don’t feel a bond with your own music it’s easy to become frustrated. We were growing restless and ended up making some bad decisions, we were fighting with our producer over choices and in the end we parted ways with the label.” We were all broken in some way. “It was a long, difficult process and I think it’s safe to say we were all broken in some way from it. It took us a good fewmonths to recover, we all moved back in with our parents and took some time out.” It didn’t take long for the boys to start writing again though, after just a fewmonths they began meeting up to rediscover themselves as a band, taking a more experimental approach to their music. We almost re-set, wanted to start from scratch and discover our own style. We had to find the love for music again, we needed each other for that. ”

Any advice for any young people hoping for a career in the music industry? “Don’t give up, know yourself and remember even when it feels like things have ended, that might just be the beginning of the best part of your life! I was never the most confident, I always felt socially inept at school and music was my outlet. I would like to tell all the nurturing teachers, all the friends who would sit listening to me sing constantly... it’s made the world of difference having support from such a young age. I would also like to tell all the people who feel like I did, you will find your niche!” The new stuff! So, how can you listen? Find push baby on any music streaming service, YouTube or social media (they’re pretty into the Instagram... if you follow them expect to see a lot of strange pictures of crocs and fluorescent colours!) “The music we’re creating is from the heart, it’s been formed in our homes and is very experimental, with strong pop melodies, hopefully people enjoy listening to it as much as we’ve enjoyed making it!” With a million different elements to each song, we aren’t sure which is our favourite push baby track (so far): - Mama’s House - thor - @thebackoheparty

6 #Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn  2 0 1 9

#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn 2 0 1 9 7


Park yourself anywhere in Hyndburn and turn on the radio, only one channel will be coming to you directly from the Red Rose County... BBC Radio Lancashire

Rejection, rejection, rejoice It may have taken more than 30 rejection letters and countless stamps to post all the tapes, but in 1985 someone eventually listened, and Gilly was given the graveyard shift for Red Rose Radio in Preston. “2am – 6am, that was my shift and it was fantastic, but I didn’t stop there. Two years later after even more applications, I got lunchtime slots and the Saturday Sports slot too.” FromRed Rose Radio to The Bay in Lancaster, then to BBC Radio Lancashire in 2005, John Gillmore is now a household name throughout Lancashire. Has Instagram killed the radio star? The demise of previous workplaces, centralising and commercialising radio stations must be a concerning thing for a radio presenter. “Not at all, if anything it has strengthened our position here at BBC Radio Lancashire. It’s sad as many of the presenters are my friends and they are now out of work. It’s always hard when people lose their jobs, but things inevitably have to change. There is definitely a market and we are certainly keeping ahead of the curve. We are now positioned as the only truly local radio station covering news throughout Lancashire.”

With many local stations recently being bought out and merged, taking a more commercial approach and relocating to neighbouring cities, there’s now only one truly local station for Accrington residents. “Anyone can play Madonna, Take That or Justin Bieber on the radio, but can you really be part of the community without being in the community? I’m not so sure.” John Gillmore, AKA Gilly, presenter for BBC Radio Lancashire invited #AmazingAccrington into the Blackburn studio for a chat about radio past, present and possible future. It’s always slightly intimidating, interviewing a professional interviewer, but talking to Gilly is like having a chat with a friend over a brew and cake. State-of-the-art equipment, striking navy-blue corridors and glass walls, the facilities are certainly something to boast about. The BBC Radio Lancashire studio feels modern, inviting... an ideal hub for news, music and civic pride. What’s a real job anyway… What is it really like being a Radio Presenter? Other than working 6 days a week, talking all day and dealing with the general public. “It’s an absolute pleasure and an honour, it’s been a long journey, but I wouldn’t change anything. Every single day is different, unpredictable and exciting.”

From the age of 11, Gilly was repeatedly told to ‘get a real job’. After hearing the 1967 experimental broadcast fromBBC RadioMerseyside, he knew that was his goal. In the 1960’s radio was new, there were no degrees, no media qualifications, no experienced presenters to shadow or learn from. “The ambition to be on the radio never leftme after hearing that first broadcast. As I got older, I sent tapes, lots of tapes of myself talking to try and find a way in. I didn’t succeed, or at least I didn’t think I had. Alongside working towards being on radio I got a job at my local Co-op, a ‘proper’ job during weekdays. I managed to secure some ad-hoc work doing voice-overs for adverts at weekends and when the Co-op found out they got me to do the store tannoy announcements! Around this time I also volunteered doing hospital radio, atWhiston Hospital near my home town of Prescot.”

Fans can find Gilly on social media with a hefty following, sharing updates about the live show and local news. “It’s so important to engage. We are here for the community, in the community and people need to know that. The way people listen to radio has changed, even in the last 5 years. People listen on their phones on the commute to work, whilst studying, via their TV’s. Radio isn’t just for people who have a radio in their kitchen anymore. That’s why our varied content is also so important too, we are always current.” Obviously, people want to hear great tunes, but BBC Radio Lancashire also do outside broadcasts at events, interview various guests including celebrities, but more importantly, talk to people within the Lancashire community. The good, the bad and the ugly “Freddie Starr wasn’t a fun one to interview, rest his soul. The worst interviews are with those who really don’t want to talk, we had to cut that one short! The most memorable has to be Buzz Aldrin, it still feels surreal to think about being in the presence of someone who walked on the moon, saw the earth from that view. I have to say, the best people to interview are ‘normal people’, they have the most surprising and interesting stories to tell, and you never knowwhat will happen. Outside broadcasts have always been, and remain, my favourite thing to do.”

Can you really be part of the community without being in the community? I’m not so sure...

Above: Outside BBC Radio Lancashire HQ in Blackburn. Right: John Gilmore, BBC Radio Lancashire presenter.

8 #Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn  2 0 1 9

#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn 2 0 1 9 9

In true Gilly style, the interviewwas briefly turned around. “So, who does Accrington follow themost, are they a Stephen Lowe [Fellow BBCRadio Lancashire Presenter] loving town or a Gilly loving town?” #AmazingAccrington, ever neutral, explainedwe love everyone at BBCRadio Lancashire equally, Hyndburn has a place for Gilly and Stephen and everyone else, we have somuch going on in the borough, it wouldn’t bewise to restrict ourselves to isolated fandom! Accrington’s position in Lancashire “It’s great to see what #AmazingAccrington are doing. The town is on the up, businesses are pulling together, there’s more community events than ever before and Accrington is definitely one to watch in Lancashire. We have also found that when Stanley do well, we do well. Hyndburn tunes in to hear about the success and that’s great. We do have a strong number of listeners in the area. A huge thumbs up to Andy Holt for that one.” A great football club, great businesses and great people, what more does a town need to grow and thrive? What does it take to succeed in broadcast media? “Dedication, get up and go plus a bit of right place at the right time.” Along with having to think on your feet and always prepare for the worst, Gilly has some top tips for any budding presenter.

“Leave your problems at home, listen to the person you’re interviewing and be yourself. That’s who you are selling, yourself, good presenters are not necessarily good actors. Also fight, dreams don’t just land on your doorstep, you have to go and grab them.” Did you know? Gilly remains the GuinnessWorld Record holder for the most interviews conducted within 24 hours by one presenter. The title, awarded in 2014 for 293 interviews, remains unchallenged! ‘Marketing Lancashire TourismSuperstar’ winner! Gilly was awarded this title in 2015 via public vote, a great honour and testament to the lasting impression made on the Lancashire community. Tune into Gilly… Weekdays 1pm-4pmwith Nishma Hindocha Saturday Breakfast 6am-10amwith Shigufta Khan For more information about BBC Radio Lancashire visit: www.bbc.co.uk/radiolancashire

4 0 #Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n S p r i n g 2 0 1 9

#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn 2 0 1 9 1 1

It is just over 6 months since the shop opened at 74 Queen Street in Great Harwood

chair is that it helps to reduce fluid retention in legs, as the hips become lower than the feet when reclined. When asked about the popular products he said “The best seller is the Enigma light wheelchair as it is lightweight to put into a car and easy to push. We have also had great demand for daily living aids that help customers feel safe in their own homes such as the perching chairs for showering or to use in the kitchenwhen preparingmeals. This all helps with independence and dignity. We have also sold several scooters and it is nice to see the customers passing on them, as they nowhave a newfound independence and are not reliant on others to get out. We have suppliedmany stairliftswhich again enables customers to get around in their own homes instead of being restricted to one floor. As Christmas is coming up, we havemany products that will be suitable for Christmas presents, such as slippers, walkers, comfy chairs and have even had an enquiry for a stair liftas a Christmas present fromawhole family.” The shop also offers servicing andmaintenance for scooters and can obtain replacement partswhich can be fit by our team. Francis is very helpful, knowledgeable and is gettingwell know in the town by both leaflets being distributed andword ofmouth fromhis satisfied customers throughout the area. Why not call in andmeet him? For more information about Townfield Mobility visit: www.townfieldmobility.co.uk


FrancisMcDermott, our shopmanager helps tofind the right products for customers’ needs. He is becoming an expert in all products, from daily living aids, continence products, walking aids andmobility scooters that keep customers independent andmobile. Townfield Mobility offers excellent service and competitive pricing. It supplies theNHS via theDistrict Nurses and can takeWheelchair vouchers. Not that Francis is aman to sit down on the job, but he has his favourite reclining chairs, especially the Sussexwhich is aTilt andRise chair with twomotors that will adjust to your every comfort. The bonus of this

Fast, friendly service • Unbeatable value • Great selection


The perfect sertsing for Weddings & Celebrations...

The Shireburn Arms is a 17th Century former coaching inn nestled in the picturesque village of Hurst Green, with stunning views over the Ribble Valley. Our immaculately presented interiors, games room and gardens are the perfect backdrop for your love story. And with 20 bedrooms, a kitchen team able to cook up food to fall in love with and a dedicated wedding & events team, we can make your wedding day dreams come true.

01254 383 519

109 Whalley Road Accrington BB5 1BX • Call for a quote •

For a personal show around, call us on 01254 826678 or visit shireburnarmshotel.co.uk for more information and Wedding Showcase events.


Whalley Road, Hurst Green, Clitheroe, Lancashire, BB7 9QJ

Suzy Wimbourne Photography, Kerry Woods Photography, Stella Photography, Alexandra Holt Photography.

What’s on...

...THIS AUTUMN! Autumn 2019 will see the introduction of some brand-new events to #AmazingAccrington, with the annual favourites still taking place.

ACCRINGTONTOWN HALL (Tickets from - www.ticketsource.co.uk/hyndburnleisure) October Wednesday 9th • Healthier Hyndburn • 10am-2pm, Free (Tickets from - www.eventbrite.co.uk) Friday 11th • Indigo Sunset Band Night • 7pm-Late, Free

Friday 25th • Accy Horror Show • 7.45pm-11.45pm, £19 entry over 18s only (Tickets from - www.eventbrite.co.uk or #amazingaccrington on social media) Sunday 27th • Hocus Pocus • 12pm-2pm, £15 Child £10Adult Thursday 31st • Halloween Parties • Mini Ball, 4.15pm-5.30pm, ages 0-5 Older Ball, 6.15pm-7.45pm, ages 5+. £5 per person November Sunday 3rd • Day of The Dead • 12pm-2pm, £15 Child £10Adult Thursday 28th • Christmas Lights Switch On • Free December Sunday 8th • Narnia Experience • 12pm-2pm, £15 Child £10Adult Friday 13th • Christmas Ball • 7pm-Late, £25 per ticket Friday 20th • The Great Gatsby Ball • 7pm-Late, £35 per ticket Sun 22nd • TheWhoville Experience • 12pm-2pm, £15 Child £10Adult HAWORTH ARTGALLERY November Sunday 17th • Handmade Christmas Market • 12noon-4pm, Free December Sunday 15th • Christmas Family Fun Day • 12noon-4pm, Free ACCRINGTONTOWN SQUARE November Thursday 28th • Christmas Light Switch On • 5pmonwards, Free WOODNOOK COMMUNITYCENTRE December Saturday 7th • Music Night • Doors open 6.30pm, Tickets £3 HYNDBURN CHAMBER OF TRADE December EarlyDecember • Best Dressed ChristmasWindow • ELMFIELD HALL IN GATTYPARK October Friday 18th • Unique Ladies Networking Event • 9.30am-12pm November Thursday 21st • Unique Ladies Networking Event • 9.30am-12pm CIvIC ARTS CENTRE OSWALDTWISTLE November Sunday 3rd • Julie Hesmondhalgh Likes to Draw Squirrels: A Lancashire Childhood • 2pm, Tickets £10/£8Concessions (Tickets from - www.civicartscentre.co.uk)

Don’t miss out ! Keep up to date with our events page.


THE HOCUS POCUS EXPERIENCE After a sell out in 2018 the witches are back but who lit The Black Flame Candle this time


2020 PROPOSED FORTHCOMING EvENTS • Bookings for stalls now open • April Saturday 25th • Bike & Bus Festival • AccringtonTown Square May Saturday 16th • Music Festival • AccringtonTown Square June Friday 5th-Sunday 7th • Beer Festival • AccringtonTownHall Saturday 6th • Accrington Food &Drink Festival &War Re-enactment • AccringtonTown Square Friday 26th • Hyndburn Jobs Fair • AccringtonTownHall August Saturday 29th • Soapbox Challenge • AccringtonTown Square

SUNDAY 27 TH OCTOBER 12 pm - 2 pm THE BALLROOM atAccringtonTownHall

Legendsaysthaton afullmoon itwillraisethe spiritsofthedead. Joinusforour interactive theatreshowpackedwith song,danceandmagic! Oncethetheatricalshow hasfinished jointhecast members inahostof workshopscreatingpotions, craftingandsorcererskills!

To book please visit ticketsource.co.uk/hyndburnleisure or contact 01254 380295 for more information




(Please inform us of any gluten/dairy intolerances before the event)


S u n d a y 2 2 n d D e c • 1 2 p m - 2 p m • T h e B a l l r o o m a t A c c r i n g t o n T o w n H a l l


It's almost that time of year... one that ALMOST all of us love and adore. Joinusaswewelcome you foraWhovilleAdventureasweaim to turn the frownupsidedownonone particularmenace.Greetedby friendlyelvesonarrivalwithChristmas cookies&CandyCanes! Sitback, relaxand watchour theatricalChristmas Story come to life followedby festiveworkshops.Workshops include letterwriting to Santa ClauswithCindy Lou, Talesof theNorthPolewithour festive fairies, create yourownReindeer Food to takehome and complete your E.L.F Trainingwithour leader Elf!

Whatare youwaiting for... it'sgoing tobeWhoTASTIC!

To book please visit ticketsource.co.uk/hyndburnleisure or contact 01254 380295 formore information



1 4 #Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn  2 0 1 9

#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn 2 0 1 9 1 5


... OUR JOURNEY IN 2019!


On Saturday 4th May #AmazingAccrington hosted yet another successful live music event in the heart of Accrington. Following on from last year’s success, locals saw their Town Square transformed into a musical wonderland as local talent and guest stars, including Britain’s Got Talent semi-finalist Ella Shaw, brought the stage to life, showcasing their phenomenal talents.

Now, onto one of our longest running events, arguably the most popular; Accrington Food & Drink Festival! Coinciding with the Beer Festival on Saturday 1st June , with over 80 stalls, attractions and 14,000 visitors, we made sure this favourite was BIGGER and BETTER than ever before! We had a spitfire plane and a popularWorldWar Two re-enactment that was as interesting for adults as it was for the youngsters. Celebrity chef and food pro, Richard Fox, returned for a fifth year

The annual event saw children from local primary and secondary schools take to the stage to unite the people of Accrington as they all celebrated music together... before international band Toploader headlined.

as he dazzled locals with his delicious cooking and even he sampled some of the delightful delicacies that had been brought to Accrington from other vibrant and diverse places around the world, how could you resist? Children had lots of fun on all the awesome activities that were put on throughout the day. Whatever you wanted there was something for everyone and we already can’t wait for next year’s food, glorious food…

Challenge Soapbox


and Car Display

Then came #AmazingAccrington’s FIRSTEVER beer festival and boy are we already excited for next years! This three-day event stretched across Friday 31st May to Sunday 2nd June and brought the community together to celebrate whilst also accommodating everyone’s needs, whether you drink gin, lager, ale, cider, we had it all... literally!

Then came everyone’s favourite, the Soapbox Challenge! After an immense turn out which proved last year’s event to be a resounding success, we geared up for a second year and this time kitted out the newTown Square on Saturday 31st August , it didn’t disappoint! 26 competitors took place with over 9000 spectators, locals were accommodated with family fun stalls and plenty of activities for all ages as well as novelty prizes for Best Soapbox Design and Best TeamCostume, everyone’s a winner!

The Town Hall was bouncing! Locals had a fantastic time socialising with friends and family, with music blaring and drinks disappearing, this beer festival was a resounding success and locals are already eagerly anticipating next year’s event.

This year we also tied in the Rally and Car Display which was based in the Town Centre and proved to be a huge success among the locals, they were treated to old classics and modern beauties. If you fancy getting behind the wheel next year then check out amazingaccrington.co.uk for all the details on how to get signed up!

1 6 #Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn  2 0 1 9

#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn 2 0 1 9 1 7

Satisfy your COCOA CRAVINGS!

• Saturday 28th September 2019 • Gold sponsors:

Chocolate Festival

The free to aend 2019 Chocolate Festival... ...saw Little MissWonka, Willy’s daughter and her Oompa Loompas welcome families onto the town square for Accrington’s second Chocolate Festival, plus dozens of children played the giant snakes and ladders game to win a trip to CadburyWorld. Sponsored by Property Shop in collaboration with Hyndburn Borough Council it was an Autumnal day but fun was had by all ! Watch the video here...




1 8 #Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn  2 0 1 9

#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn 2 0 1 9 1 9

SINISTER Something is coming...

AWESOME... Wheelie ...the first #AmazingAccrington Bike Fest a huge success!

Horror Show

Families, friends, amateurs and professionals saddled up and rode down to the Property Shop Arena, Accrington Cricket Club, to celebrate all things bike!

A c c y B i k e F e s t

FRI 25th OCT 7.15pm - 11.45pm ACCRINGTON TOWN HALL

Sponsored by Coach House and North Lancs Training Group, Bike Fest saw businesses and community groups come together, providing a great day out for all ages. Murray Dawson, Chairman of the #AmazingAccrington initiative said: "It was such a wonderful day, we have already confirmed the date for next year! Sunday 5th April, 2020 , get it into your diary! I encourage anyone who wants to be part of this to get in touch soon as we already have lots of confirmed stall holders. This event was truly a community event, for the community. It was made possible through volunteers, businesses and individuals coming together and really inspired people to get up and active. We had a huge amount of information available for visitors, not only could they have a go at making a smoothie on a bike, with Go Velo, they could have a check-up with the ‘bike doctor', get their bike security marked by the British Transport Police, pick up some free seeds from Incredible Edibles or have a chat with Love to Ride about how to get started with keeping fit on a bike.. just to name a few! This event wouldn't have been possible without the support from the sponsors, Coach House and North Lancs Training Group, plus all the stalls and volunteers who attended on the day. It was wonderful to see the Property Shop Arena full of people and families having fun, ice cream and pies fromClayton Park Bakery who are just down the road too!" Gareth Lindsay, Managing Director at North Lancs Training Group, said: "The event was a huge success, we met some wonderful people and there were also 15 bikes donated on the day! In partnership with Lancashire County Council we are making a real difference with our bike revival scheme, where they're taken out of landfill and we refurbish them, then donate them to charity. It's the students that do this, it's practical hands-on work, they really enjoy it and learn lots of new skills which is our aim. We are based in Accrington and if anyone wants to get involved in this kind of thing


Please be prepared for our live actors to interact with you and potentially touch you. FANCY DRESS IS ENCOURAGED BUT NOT REQUIRED There will be a special trick or treat and a prize for the best dressed individual/couple/group on the night!

..Join us for a night for frights and delight from award winning comedy horror show Elvis Dead , live actors, tricks, treats and an after-life party like no other. Standard ticket entry £19.99 • Admission from 7:15pm, arrival shot and a sweet treat to wet your appetite • Live actors to taunt and welcome you into the majestic ballroom • A seat for the comedy horror show - for guaranteed laughs and scares • After-life party in the Ballroom to dance the night away, with some surprises thrown in... Illuminati Lounge VIP entry £34.99 • Everything you get in standard entry +++ plus access to the Illuminati lounge. The exclusive VIP area with its own bar, overlooking the ballroom • You will be granted priority seats within the first 3 rows for the show, gain priority entry to the Town Hall from 7pm (15 minutes prior to general opening) • You will receive TWO token's for complimentary themed cocktail's in the illuminati lounge • Goody bag to take home... if you survive the night Follow the event on Facebook for updates, information and opportunities: #AmazingAccrington Horror Show Tickets available via eventbrite.co.uk

they can call and see us anytime." Graham Jones, MP Hyndburn, said:

STR I CT L Y NO U N D E R 1 8 's

"It's been fantastic, it's a good start to the year and a great event. We do need to promote cycling and it's great to see people getting involved in the outdoors and in living a healthier life."




#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn 2 0 1 9 2 1

NEW STAND Farleys Solicitors unveiled as

sponsors for Stanley

Whatever your goals...

Farleys. For you, your family and your business. Our award winning services include: ...get our award-winning solicitors on your side.

The two-year deal for stand sponsorship at Accrington Stanley’s Clayton End will see the stand re-named as ‘The Farleys Solicitors Stand’.

Having worked with the club for many years, everyone connected with Stanley is rightly proud of its heritage and the town’s place as a founder of the Football League. They are a true community- based club and Farleys are proud to support them as a way of showing our thanks to a community who have been kind enough to support our business over many years”. Daniel Bowerbank, Commercial Manager added, "As a community football club we are pleased to be able to welcome on board Farleys Solicitors as one of Accrington Stanley's key partners over the next two years. The significant sponsorship provided by Farleys will see their name emblazoned across the roof of the Clayton End in which is known for its noise from supporters throughout the season. We are looking forward to working with Ian, Tom, Steve and Reta throughout the duration of the initial contract".

Ian Liddle, Partner at Farleys Solicitors, is delighted to be supporting the local community. “As a firmwith strong heritage in Lancashire, Farleys Solicitors are delighted to become the sponsor of Accrington Stanley’s famous Clayton End, ahead of what we hope will be another exciting season at the club.

- Corporate and Commercial Law - Criminal Defence - Debt Advice - Employment Law - Family Law - Inquests and Actions Against Public Authorities

- Medical Negligence Claims - Personal Injury Claims - Property Advice - Private Client Law - Sports Law

Practicing legal excellence for over 60 years, Farleys are a full-service law firm with offices in Accrington, Blackburn, Burnley, Manchester and Preston and specialise in all aspects of private and commercial law. For more information about Farleys visit: www.farleys.com

Above: Team picture with the newly named Farleys Solicitors Stand in the background. Left: Farleys team picture with Andy Holt, Owner of Accrington Stanley Football Club (left), the Farleys team (centre) and Daniel Bowerbank, Commercial Manager at Accrington Stanley (right).

01254 229 800 @FarleysLaw info@farleys.com www.farleys.com

Legal expertise with a down to earth approach

2 2 #Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn  2 0 1 9

of the year! Accrington Stanley agree new deal for TASTIEST SIGNING

Born in 1995 and locally based, the new member of their squad is set to bring something new and exciting to Stanley on match days

Barry Thomas, Managing Director at Clayton Park Pies, commented: “It’s a privilege to be welcomed into the #StanleyFamily as their official pie suppliers! We are bringing with us a huge selection, ranging from the traditional potato and meat pies to a more alternative chicken balti or Bombay potato pie. It’s pretty special, as an #AmazingAccrington based company, to provide our services to people at an Accrington - based club. We’re really looking forward to this partnership with the club

Stanley are proud to announce that their new signing – Clayton Park Pies - have committed to supplying pie-tastic savouries at Stanley for the foreseeable. In conjunction with the club, the Hyndburn-based baking company have also invested in new pie warmers and hot display equipment at Accrington Stanley Football Club, to ensure better quality pies for match attendees. Daniel Bowerbank, Commercial Manager of Accrington Stanley said: “As a community club we are determined to bring like-minded businesses into our Stanley Connections group of businesses supporting the club and with the same ethos. It is great that we can announce Clayton Park Pies as our new supplier of Accrington Stanley for the foreseeable.”

developing and, as always, are thankful for the support.” For more information about Accrington Stanley visit: www.accringtonstanley.co.uk For more information about Clayton Park Pies visit: www.pietastic.com

John Coleman, Manager of Accrington Stanley, has been determined to bring in a local talent in celebration of Stanley’s success. He commented: “After impressive seasons at Everton, Rochdale AFC and Burnley FC, the experience is definitely there and we are really excited about the new addition to the Stanley Family! We really needed some freshmeat here at Stanley and the Commercial Teamhas found the cherry on the cake.”

Above: Andy Holt, Barry Thomas, John Coleman, Brian Ashworth and Mark Ashworth pictured at the Clayton Park sponsored signs at ASFC.

2 4 #Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn  2 0 1 9

#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn 2 0 1 9 2 5

Commemorating 140 Years of History in the


The supporters’ club at Accrington Stanley continues to undertake fundraising schemes to help enhance the fans’ matchday experiences at theWhamStadium

at Accrington Stanley Football Club

Chairman at O.A.S.S.C. Peter Leatham told #AmazingAccrington about the exciting project at Accrington Stanley Football Club. After 140 years of history, the time felt right to remember and recognise the club’s rich heritage and share it with a newgeneration of fans, whilst remembering the unique journey that the communities proud football club has undertaken. They will be represented by a series of large timeline boards located on the home Fanzone. A Flavour of the Clubs Forefathers The timelinedoes not set out to faithfully recordevery stepon a long andbumpy road, that has already been achievedwith somefine books, instead, the goal is to achieve aflavour of the club’s forefathers before the communities heritage is lost in the sands of time. The graphics are being produced on materials that will stand the test of time and the very best, and worst, of the East Lancashire climate. The home Fanzone felt exactly like the right place to display the club’s rich history in simple picture form and will provide a source of reflection and perhaps wonderment as the trials and tribulations are unearthed. It is hoped that it will provide happymemories for older supporters and a sense of belonging to a great club to younger fans while providing a fine focal point on one of themost popular areas of the stadium. At the same time and hand in hand with the timeline project, it seemed appropriate to record some of the key men that have delivered the club’s future and place on record the sense of debt felt by many within Accrington.

Blood, Sweat & Tears If they had not spilt blood, sweat and tears, it is very likely that Accrington Stanley would not be sitting proudly in the Football Leagues third tier, a remarkable feat itself for such a small town. They feature on a separate graphic but in the same style of the main timeline and give a brief summary of their time at the helmof Accrington Stanley. It was not possible to list every individual, but the pivotal figures have been includedwithout whom, it is possible, therewouldn’t be a league football club in the borough today. There is a feeling that the community is indeed forever in their debt. As part of the project, fans were asked to vote for their favourite ever Stanley player, in any position, from any era, but just one vote per fan. Over 40 favourites received votes and the top 10 will feature in the brand-new Hall of Fame which will also be displayed in the same area. Each individual panel will feature the player image with a brief summary of their career at the club. Supporters are delighted that the players featured span the generations and it's very likely this list will grow in due course. In fact, one of the key features of the style and materials being used is that it can move or extend the features to other areas of theWhamStadium as thought suitable.

Join the Supporters Club & Get Involved All these developments are funded and originated by the Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Club, O.A.S.S.C. After discussions with the football club they have further exciting developments to enhance the fans experiences whilst at the stadium. These projects are being delivered with thanks to the club’s friends at SDA who have provided invaluable assistance and expertise in the compilation and production of the graphics. Recent trials and tribulations have also been recorded in a new book, “50 years at the Crown Ground”, written by local author and fan, DarrenWoodhead. The book records the 50 seasons since the club was re-formed in 1968 through to the current heights of the third tier of the Football League. The O.A.S.S.C. is run by volunteers and has members worldwide but is always looking for more. It is just £5 per annum and members receive a pin badge, membership card, discounted away travel and all are entered into a free monthly draw for £40 worth of vouchers for the club shop. Further details can be found on the official website at: www.onstanleyon.com

#Ama z i n g A c c r i n g t o n A u t umn 2 0 1 9 2 7

September 2019 Accrington Stanley Year 3 FREE SHIRT Giveaway...

Take a look behind the scenes at Accrington Stanley annual shirt giveaway!


St Huberts Great Harwood

St James C of E Altham

St Johns C of E Baxenden

St Johns C of E Great Harwood

Belthorn Academy

Benjamin Hargreaves C of E Accrington

Great Harwood Primary

St Johns C of E Read

St Johns Stonefold C of E

St Johns with St Augustines C of E

Green Haworth Primary


Hippings Methodist Oswaldtwistle

St Mary Magdalen

St Marys RC Accrington

St Marys RC Clayton

Hyndburn Park

Hyndburn Park 2

Moor End Oswaldtwistle

St Oswalds Knuzden

St Oswalds

St Pauls C of E Oswaldtwistle

Mount Pleasant

Peel Park

Peel Park 2

St Peters Simonstone

Peel Park 3

Sacred Heart Church

St Andrews Oswaldtwitle

St Peters and St Paul C of E

StWulstans RC Great Harwood

St Annes and St Josephs RC

St Bartholomews Great Harwood

St Charles RC

White Ash

Woodnook Primary Accrington

West End Primary Oswaldtwistle

Pendle Brook


Pendle Brook is a 5 star quality 50 bedroom care home located across three floors, Applegarth, Barleydale, Calverdale, with lift access to each floor. All of our deluxe ensuite rooms are beautifully decorated and furnished with everything you would expect, including stylish furniture, flat screen tv, colour co ordinating curtains, walls and bedding. Each floor has its own lounge for group activity. Barleydale and Calverdale have two other quieter lounges, whilst Applegarth houses the salon and the cafe which is open to the public, and also has access to the landscaped gardens, perfect for meeting up with friends and relatives. Rochcare is committed to kind, compassionate & responsive care in Oswaldtwistle

Rochcare puts you at the heart of their homes… Rochcare is a family orientated and run business which has been operating since the early 1980s. Providing personalised care, accommodation and support in the North West of England for people aged 65+ and for those living with dementia.

“Pendle Brook has been designed with centred care being at the forefront of the build. We have tried to minimise the stresses and confusions which are often associated for those living with dementia. Maintaining dignity and independence for as long as possible is our main ethos. Some people still have misconceptions about care homes so we are keen to dispel any myths and for people to come and have a look around our home, meet with the staff and our residents,” said Athar Mahmood Director for the Rochcare Group. Pendle Brook has been carefully designed after considerable research into Dementia care, it enables individuals the freedom and the confidence to use their abilities for as long as possible in a safe and secure environment. Pendle Brook has been shortlisted for several awards including the Laing Buisson award for the category ‘Residential care’. The Great British Care Awards for the ‘Dementia Carer’ category and also the Caring UK Awards 2019 for Excellence and Innovation in Dementia. To find out more about Rochcare’s new home, Pendle Brook please call 01254 311 777 or email us on pendlebrook@rochcare.com.

Rochcare’s first residential care home was built nearly 30 years ago. Realising the ‘traditional’ care home buildings were set up in converted buildings that didn’t lend themselves to meeting the range of needs of those with age-related difficulties or those living with dementia. To overcome the issues Rochcare decided to build their homes brick by brick to create a first rate, safe and homely accommodation in a community setting. Pendle Brook is Rochcare’s latest addition to their ever growing portfolio, which opened in July 2019. The 5-star specialist Residential and Dementia Care home has 50 bedrooms located across three floors, Applegarth, Barleydale and Caldervale, with lift access to each floor. Each floor has its own lounge for group activities. Barleydale and Caldervale have two other quieter lounges, Whilst Applegarth houses the salon, its also home to the beautiful café ‘The Spinning Jenny’ which is open to the public, and also has access to the landscaped gardens, perfect for meeting up with friends and relatives. With its public coffee bar, job creation and commitment to buying local produce, Pendle Brook continues a long legacy of community work and is proud to be part of the Hyndburn community.

Pendle Brook Care Home, 2 Haworth Street, Oswaldtwistle, Accrington BB5 3EA


@pendlebrookcarehome @pendlebrook Rochcare Care Homes Rochcare Care Homes

YOURSELF? Are you taking time for

It’s important to take time for yourself and time for others, withWorldMental Health day just around the corner, on Thursday 10th October, #AmazingAccrington consulted with experts for advice, reflection and top tips to help you out.

Pippa Best, life coach and founder of Sea Soul Blessings, talked to us about self compassion - how to be kinder to yourself as you manage the challenges of modern daily life.

What 3 things can you do? 1. Heading out on your lunch break (work canwait!) or further afield on dayswhich allow, even just heading out of your front door! 2. Walking groups, step counts, setting reminders in your phone, planning to meet up with friends, hiring a personal trainer... basically becoming accountable to someone - or yourself - to head outside. 3. Invest in a daylight lamp, for days it’s not that easy to get up and about. “You could make heading outdoors into an activity too. Heading out with friends or as a family walk, helping others who may suffer with SAD as you go. Did you know that - whilst not as common - children may also experience it? There are some fantastic trails out there, such as the Gruffalo and The Highway Rat, Gisburn Forest in Lancashire and Delamere Forest in Cheshire, to more local trails perhaps with activities Self-kindness is howwe speak, accept and tend to ourselves. You may have an inner critic who provides a constant stream of criticism - an internal voice that influences us, but which we’re often barely aware of. We think this encourages us to be better, but often, it has the opposite effect. And how can we bring more self compassion into our daily lives? Practicing self-compassion can feel very strange at first - but the more you practice, the more possible it becomes. Using tools like Sea Soul Blessings cards can help you to stay focused. You could start by simply pausing in the present moment. As you bring your attention to all that you are experiencing right now, listen to those internal voices. If you hear your inner critic, ask yourself whether these statements are reasonable or fair? Is this something that you would say to a dear friend, to your child, to someone you love? And if not, what might you say instead? As you start to become more mindful, and more aware of that self-critical voice, practice speaking to yourself as you would to those you love. Remember - you are not alone, and we are all worthy of loving kindness. To find out more visit: www.seasoulblessings.com Remember, if you need advice about your own mental health or have concerns about a loved one advice, talk to someone. mind.org.uk, call: 0300 123 3393 or text 86463

Teresa Brooks Business & Personal Coach MHFA (England) Mental Health Fiirst Aider www.teresabrookscoaching.com

Effects of depression Depression affects your emotions, thought processes, behaviour and physical health which has a big impact on your life and on the people around you. This will mean you can become highly isolated with your own feelings and even more withdrawn from the world whilst still showing outward signs to others of coping. How to spot these signs in others Look for any of the symptoms and changes of behaviour. If it’s a colleague or someone you don’t know very well, look for the outward symptoms and also listen to what they say. People suffering from depression will say oen say things like; • I’m a failure / I’ve let everyone down / It’s all my fault How can I help others if I notice signs of depression? DO • Approach them at an appropriate time, in the right space • Ask them how they are at the moment • Assess if they are at immediate risk of self-harm/suicide • Listen to what they say without judgement • Allow silence or gaps as they may find it difficult • Encourage them to seek professional help • If they don’t want to talk, let them know you are there at any time to listen. DON’T • Put pressure on them to talk • Ask lots of questions • Offer advice or tell themwhat to do • Judge or offer opinion • Tell them you know how they feel or offer ‘stories’ of others • Interrupt when they are speaking • Nothing good ever happens to me • I’mworthless / No-one loves me • What’s the point? / I feel so alone If you hear this language used coupled with some outward signs and symptoms, it is time to take notice and make steps to reach out to them…or get help if you recognise these signs in yourself.

How self-compassion can help quiet your inner critic “When life is challenging, we canfind it hard tobe kind toourselves. We talk toourselves inways thatwewould never talk to thosewe love.” In Kristin Neff’s book, “Self-compassion: the proven power of being kind to yourself”, Neff describes the three core elements of self- compassion as mindfulness, common humanity, and self-kindness. So, what does this all mean? Mindfulness is the practice of being present, aware of all we are experiencing and feeling, without judgement. It’s the ability to bring ourselves into the current moment, instead of spiralling off into regret of the past, or fear of the future. Common humanity is the experience of seeing our own humanity and understanding that this connects us to others. It’s an appreciation that we are not the only person suffering or making mistakes, or indeed, criticising ourselves for that. It allows us to see our vulnerability and imperfections as something that we all experience.

With over 20 years’ experience as a professional coach, Teresa Brooks has spent her life travelling the world and helping others live life to its fullest, fromCalifornia to Cape Town. Teresa, winner of the Businesswoman of The Year award, Mental Health First Aider (MHFA) and NLP Practitioner, knows the importance of looking after mental health. She has given #AmazingAccrington some top tips on helping people recognise the signs of depression. How to recognise symptoms and signs - to help yourself and others “The word depression is used so frequently but doesn’t mean the same thing to everyone. Everyone can feel a bit low, fed up, flat or ‘blue’ sometimes. These feelings can be due to many things. Generally, it’s temporary. It can, and will, resolve itself naturally as these circumstances change, you recharge and move past those feelings you had. However, a deeper depression is a different thing and would be classed as a clinical depression.” Do I have depression? 10 most common symptoms • Loss of enjoyment and interest in the things you usually like and want to do • A general lowmood that doesn’t fluctuate or go away • Lack of energy and motivation, constant tiredness even after rest • Difficulty in concentrating and making decisions • Difficulty sleeping even when tired • Loss of confidence & poor self-esteem • Feeling guilty about other people, situations even when there is no fault • Lack of appetite or interest in food or eating too much - Loss / gain of weight as a result • Moving slowly or becoming agitated and unable to settle • Feelings of hopelessness, thoughts of death and suicide Not everyone suffering from depression will experience all these symptoms and they won’t be in any particular order.

Carly Keighley is a Personal Trainer with over 15 years’ experience and is also an online Fitness andWellbeing Coach.

Beating the winter blues one step at a time-as a family Carly helps women in Lancashire and across the UK. She is passionate about using mindset, movement and mindfulness . She has given us some top tips for combating the winter blues. “I love Autumn, it’s such a promising time of year. Leaves falling, temperatures cooling and a feeling that change is quite literally in the air. But often there can be another feeling as the nights draw in... an unsettling feeling, knowing that this change in season could bring a change in mood and our behaviour too.” Seasonal Affective Disorder - or SAD as it is commonly known - affects 1 in 3 people and can even begin before the clocks go back.

like fairy door hunts becoming a popular attraction. Feeling good in body, and even beer in mind. For more information about how Carly can help visit: www.findyourfeelgood.co.uk

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