Welcome to the festive edition of #AmazingAccrington! This special edition has been specially created to give a boost to our high streets and encourage you to sop local.

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Welcome to the festive edition of #AmazingAccrington! This special edition has been specially created to give a boost to our high streets and encourage you to shop local. The quality and variety of things available to buy in Hyndburn is remarkable, and shopping local really helps secure our future. At the time of going to print, lockdown restrictions will be lifted on 2nd December, and many of our local retailers have remained open under the rules. Let’s get out and safely shop, to give us a well needed boost for Christmas! This magazine is being delivered to every household in Hyndburn by your friendly local postman, and will be available to pick up from the Market and civic buildings. #AmazingAccrington is an initiative started by myself, a partnership of business leaders from across the borough in collaboration with the Council and our local MP. We are here to help good businesses to change the aspirations of future generations in Hyndburn, to ensure financial security and a better place to live, work and play. If all of our 80,000 residents in Hyndburn just spent an extra £5 weekly in local shops, that would be an extra £400,000 a week directly kept within the borough, leading to £2,000,000 spent locally as research shows local businesses generally source and supply locally too. Let’s use this time to really boost Hyndburn. Seasons Greetings, stay safe and lets hope 2021 is #Amazing for us all.

Townfield Care is a family owned company which is committed to achieving the highest standards of care. The company operates three residential care homes, two home care services and a mobility shop. We have been an active part of the community for over 35 years providing care throughout the local area.


Murray Dawson MD, Scott Dawson Advertising, Peter Scott Printers and Chairman of #AmazingAccrington



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Message fromSara andMiles

Please check with individual retailers

Reasons to Shop Local

Shopping in Hyndburn Guide Spotlight: Cheryl Duffy Hyndburn Independents

To create great looking, welcoming properties, Scott Dawson Advertising are installing one shop front signage per month free of charge, to give businesses the best look via #AmazingAccrington. Pictured on the right are three we completed recently.




E Bramwell & Son - The Fish Merchants Tale

11 Accrington Markets 12-13 Warner Street Bicentenary

14-15 Haworth Art Gallery and Artists’ Studio 16-17 Great Harwood - The Booming High Street 18-19 Oswaldtwistle - The Home of Oswaldtwistle Mills 20 Rishton - The Perfect Place to Shop 21 Clayton le Moors - Has it All 22 Altham, Church, Huncoat and Belthorn 23 Baxenden 24 Christmas GiftGuide 25 GiftGuide & Eating Out 26-27 Hyndburn Hub - Thank You 28-29 Official Accrington Stanley Supporters Trust 30-31 Annual Accrington Stanley Shirt Giveaway 33 David ‘Bumble’ Lloyd 34-35 James Hargreaves - The Spinning Jenny 36 Julie Hesmondhalgh - A-Z #Healthy Hyndburn 37 Great Harwood Rovers & the Moorland Arena 38-39 Studio Retail – A Billion PoundMission 42 Accrington Pals Bus

2021 Events Last year #AmazingAccrington put on a series of fun, friendly, well attended events, and we plan to do the same for 2021. Here is the proposed schedule:

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Residential and dementia care beds available for both short and long term stays. Please call for more information:

Bus & Bike Fest Saturday 24th April Music Festival Saturday 15th May

Accrington Beer Festival Friday 4th June to Sunday 6th June Hyndburn Apprentice & Jobs Fair Friday 25th June

Soapbox Challenge Saturday 28th August Accrington Day Saturday 25th September

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Accrington Food Festival &War Re-enactment Saturday 5th June

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#AmazingAccrington magazine is written and produced by Scott Dawson Advertising Ltd.

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REASONS to shop local

A message to you from Sara and Miles

Customer service and shopping experience

Create local jobs

Helping to grow the number of jobs locally makes for a better place to live and work which then creates a financially healthy local economy. The more that local shops can grow and expand, the more staff they can take on to serve you better.

Local shops will always have time to serve you and find out what you like. If they don’t quite have what you want, they’ll often try their best to order it in for you. They can advise you and are experts in what they sell. If the worst happens and something goes wrong, you’ve got a real person to speak to to put things right.

Personality and a sense of community Independent businesses are run by local people, who are not only investing in the local area, they’re proud to be there. As you shop there, you’ll get to know each other and become friends. You’ll receive a warm and heartfelt welcome. They care about you!

Healthier for the environment

Sara Britcliffe MP.

Miles Parkinson OBE Leader of the Council.

Ordering everything online and having it delivered is having a long lasting detrimental effect on the environment. It has to be kinder to the planet to walk to a local shop to get what you need.

Throughout covid-19, we’ve been determined to work together wherever we can and that’s been the same right across the Hyndburn community. Under the Hyndburn Hub umbrella, we’ve seen a whole range of groups combine their local knowledge and resources to provide amazing support to anyone that needs it, on top of many unseen acts of individual kindness. The true message of the Christmas season is about peace and goodwill and this is what will get us through, despite the restrictions in place and difficulties we face. We wish everyone a very happy Christmas and hope you all stay safe. Sara and Miles

Helping them achieve their dreams

The local economy

In order to keep Hyndburn strong and sustainable it’s really important to support our local shops. Research shows that £10 spent with a local independent shop means up to an additional £50 goes back into the local economy. This is because the shop owners live locally and buy local themselves. The money you spend will be used to buy from local suppliers, and to put food on their tables and run their lives, meaning more and more money is spent locally, giving a strong foundation for the local community and its future.

Local businesses are owned by people who have invested in their dream and work hard to bring you great customer service and unique products and services. According to a study by Visa, almost half of small business owners say that if everyone in their community spent just £5 per week with local businesses it would help to keep them open in the long term, which preserves jobs and means you have variety on your local high street.

Case Study – Brie Mine


Lots of our Hyndburn businesses are family businesses, many being passed down from generation to generation. It’s a tradition and something that we wouldn’t want to lose, but they need our support to keep going.

Lauren from Brie Mine was formerly a swimming teacher, and lockdown sadly made that no longer possible. She had a side line making cheese wedding cakes, and on lockdown while home schooling she started making graze boxes. These were so successful she was able to open her own shop, Brie Mine, on Great Harwood’s booming high street, just this August. She’s now able to employ two members of staff and is going from strength to strength.

A safe way to shop

Identity and individuality

The smaller shop size of independents, who are following Government guidance on safety measures, means you can have peace of mind that you’re safe while you shop.

Independent shops bring better choice to an area, with many stocking unique items or providing a specialist service. When a high street is thriving it encourages others to open too, and with a beating heart of the community people will travel in from outside the area to spend their money, bringing further financial security to Hyndburn.

Guidance correct at the time of going to print.

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Spotlight: Cheryl Duffy Acorns of Lancashire







Cheryl outside her business, Acorns of Lancashire.

Cheryl wanted to be able to tell her grandchildren what she did to celebrate the millennium, so she went to base camp one of Mount Everest.

From the summit of the business world to base camp one of Mount Everest, Cheryl Duffy’s career path has been long and scenic. Now she’s come home to Accrington.

“We chose dry cleaning because we both had many years’ experience working in the White Goods industry.” The pair did their homework, and it paid off. They spent six months researching the market. They analysed different catchment areas in Hyndburn considering things like footfall, competitors in the area, and demographics. The entrepreneurial couple then settled on Accrington and with an initial investment of £250,000 they set up Acorns of Lancashire. Cheryl explains about the business: “Traditional dry cleaners in the UK often use harsh solvents which can be carcinogenic if they aren’t handled properly. We found out about an eco-friendly system that already existed around the world, but astonishingly no one was using it in the UK.” It turned out to be a very smart move indeed. Acorns of Lancashire were early adopters of a technology that is now growing fast. What they’ve created is something very special indeed. They’ve brought positive innovation to a marketplace that’s hardly changed in years. The result has been a successful and growing business with a host of industry awards under their belt. You’re only as good as the network around you Not content with taking her own business to new heights, Cheryl has turned her attention to raising the bar for the entire town. Hyndburn Independents was formed in 2019, the focus being to encourage out of town shoppers back to the high street. They’ve got a social media page with thousands of followers and the general interest and uptake has been fantastic. “Local businesses just don’t have marketing and advertising budgets. Their day to day activities and marketing opportunities are not catered for” she explains. “We all needed to highlight our wonderful goods and services, and how many ‘hidden gems’ can be found in our townships and that’s what we’re trying to do.” Acorns of Lancashire is at 17 Whalley Road, Accrington. For more information visit the website at www.acornsoflancashire.com

Cheryl Duffy is the founder and Managing Director of Acorns of Lancashire, the region’s premier environmentally friendly dry cleaner. Her career started out on a much more humble footing, serving Ovaltine and hot Bovril from a stall in Accrington Market Hall: Trickett Ices which is still in business today. From a skill sharing centre in Warner Street, a young Cheryl Duffy realised what opportunities were available. She enrolled in Preston Polytechnic, later to become University of Central Lancashire, and she’s not had a second to look back – until now. Cheryl is a master organiser. She’s held senior positions in purchasing, logistics and project management for some of the UK’s biggest manufacturers. No small achievement, even in Lancashire, the heartland of British manufacturing. Our production lines stopped for no one In one company she was “responsible for the whole supply chain, into and out of the factory. This included expediting teams, master production planning and the material flow and a finished goods warehouse with just 45 minutes worth of storage space.” She explains “it was a logistical challenge to say the least.” “We had sprinter vans parked up outside the factory gates as our production lines stopped for no one!” It’s not all been plain sailing though. After taking four months off travelling, she took a position in a printing company which had seen seven managing directors in 12 months. “We used to talk about the MD’s office as the Departure Lounge” she jokes. Cheryl put it down to experience and moved onwards, and upwards, literally. She climbed to base camp one of Mount Everest proving that Lancashire folks are as hard as the Nori under their feet. Looking back over the first half of her career, Cheryl is justifiably proud of her achievements. In some cases, she managed to reduce costs for her employers by around 70%. That’s quite an achievement by any standards, but Cheryl was far from finished. Next, she turned her sights back home, to Amazing Accrington. But what to do? “After years of working in senior positions in multinational companies, my husband and I decided to set up our own business instead of working for others.”




View online at amazingaccrington.co.uk/shopping-in-hyndburn







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Wh y n o t HE L P t h e l o c a l s h o p s & b u y v o u c h e r s f o r C h r i s t ma s p r e s e n t s .

E. Bramwell and Son The Fish Merchant’s Tale


If you have mobility needs you can talk to an expert at Accrington Market Mobility & Furniture. You have a choice for your e-cig requirements at E A Electrical, and E-Cigs and Phone Accessories. Phones are also catered for at Phone World, while PCs can be looked after at PC Repair. The Wham Factory Shop has houseware and bakeware items at keen prices. Other specialist retailers include Accrington Nails, Happy Hands for your haberdashery needs, Matthew’s for cards, balloons and gift wrap, Petmart for everything you might need for your pets, Riley’s with an extensive selection of DVDs and Star Book Exchange on the outdoor market with a great selection of books. The Hyndburn Heritage Museum is also located in the Market Hall, well worth calling in to see some really interesting Hyndburn artefacts. If all this means you need a pit stop, you have a choice of the Accrington Pals Outdoor Café, Clarkeys Café upstairs, Frankie’s Café, Nettie’s Butty Van outdoors, or the Pie and Mash Shop – all selling a great variety of hot and cold food and drinks to keep you going. Tricketts Ices is a fabulous place to treat yourself to an ice cream or toastie and sit at the counter watching the world go by. Two new additions to the balcony are Buddu Chill, providing sports massages and holistic therapies, and Jo Workshop, selling upcycled and recycled furniture, ornaments and much more. Ideal for Christmas, her handmade items really are unique. Jo says “A trip to Glastonbury five years ago really inspired me creatively, and I decided to set up my own shop selling beautiful items. I’m so happy to be on Accrington Market, the staff cannot do enough for me, they’ve been so helpful and supportive. I’m getting to know my fellow traders as well and they’ve made me feel so welcome. I hope to get back to running my craft workshops soon, they’re great for wellbeing and I get a lot of pleasure out of them.” Here at Amazing Accrington we can’t think of anything that you can’t buy on Accrington Market!

Fish merchant Edward Bramwell and son.

Fish merchants John and Steve Bramwell will have plenty of fresh fish to order for Christmas and the new year. The brothers now offer a home delivery service started during the COVID-19 crisis that is proving extremely successful. They want to see salmon being the number one alternative to turkey this Christmas Day.

Accrington fish merchant E. Bramwell and Son is one of those solid bricks that make up the foundation of the town. They can trace their family business back to 1876, but there’s a good chance the firm is older than that!

Julie Hesmondhalgh shopping at Fairbrothers Biscuits.

The Market Hall is a beautiful Victorian building that has been modernised to keep it warm and dry, and the outdoor market has robust stalls with a large variety of traders. You can find everything from fresh produce, DVDs and furniture to the Official Accrington Stanley Supporter’s Trust shop. Clothes, shoes and accessories can be found on stalls including the Children’s Shoe Stall, Bagsy That for ladies’ handbags, jewellery and accessories, Essentials Clothing for underwear and nightwear, Jazz Jeans for menswear, jeans and workwear, Illusion for ladieswear and Maureen’s Shoes for adult shoes. Produce can be found at Allfruits and Smiths Fruit and Veg, for whole and prepared fruit and veg, Gregs Bacon and Cooked Meats plus sausages and pies, Slacks Farm Butchers for all your meat requirements and Slacks Farm Deli for sandwiches, pies and cooked meats. Sarah’s Cheese stall sells high quality gift style cheese, wine and related products, and Sweets and Treats has lots of retro style sweets as well as new. They also have a sugar free range. E Bramwell is the resident fishmonger for all freshly caught fish, new stock arrives daily. Fairbrothers Biscuits sells biscuits, snacks and treats. John Healey has manned the stall for 28 years! He says, “It’s the original biscuit stall because I bought it from the previous owner, and I’ve only moved location once in the Hall for the last 28 years. I see all my regulars and it’s nice to have a few words, see how they’re keeping!”

retired fish salesman living in Accrington. James had made a success of his life and was enjoying his retirement surrounded by his son William and eight grandchildren. In that year the Office of National Statistics shows that the life expectancy for a man was just over 50 years old, so James had done very well indeed. The same census in 1911, shows the then head of the family, William Bramwell (aged 54), son of James, was working as a fishmonger. Following the story through the census records we find that William himself had two sons, one of which was Edward Bramwell who lent his name to the family firm and later passed the business down to his son also named William. John Bramwell has happy memories of his father William. He was a smart businessman and, in true Lancashire fashion, a hard worker. He would wait for the train to bring fresh fish every morning from Fleetwood, and drag the daily catch from the station to the Market Hall. Even back then he recognised that times were changing and that the high street needed to change too. He warned that the supermarkets would one day present a serious challenge to the independent traders of places like Accrington Market. In those days there was just one supermarket, Asda in Colne. The Bramwell brothers thought their father was joking or gone daft in his old age, but that man left his sons a piece of advice that shines through the years like the iconic lighthouses of Fleetwood. “Shopping bags in town centres will be a thing of the past, but in every town worth its salt there’ll always be room for one butcher, one baker, one greengrocer and one fish merchant.” “Make sure you’re that one.” The family business continues and now with consumers worried about things like food miles, plastic waste, and sustainable supply chains, perhaps the tide is about to turn. Your friendly local food suppliers have so many advantages over the supermarkets. For one thing, when you buy Bramwells you become part of 144 years of Accrington history. You can’t buy that in Asda.

John and Steve Bramwell are the current generation of fish merchants at Accrington Market but there’s been a member of their family selling fresh fish at the market for at least 144 years. It’s possible the business was around before then, and given that the Market Hall was built in 1860 there’s a good chance they’ve been there since the very beginning. The name E. Bramwell and Son refers to Edward Bramwell, grandfather of the current Bramwell brothers John and Steve. It always seemed a fairly safe assumption that Edward was the founder of the business – and that was the accepted version of the story. But safe assumptions are assumptions nonetheless. 30 years ago, one Monday morning at Accrington Market the Bramwell fish merchants were tending their shop when a member of the public approached with a story that would challenge what they thought they knew about the origins of the family firm. John Bramwell was serving at the time. The customer, a local lady, approached the market stall and asked the question “how old is your family firm?” She had been researching a thesis in the town library. She produced a copy of a newspaper article from 1876. The story told of a court case in which an Accrington man was put on trial for selling fish from a barrow, outside the Market Hall at 11.25pm on a Saturday night. The headline of the story was as follows: “James Bramwell before the bench (again)”. The story reported how one James Bramwell had been arrested for selling fish outside the market, after the close of business for the day. Those were the days before refrigeration and any stock left unsold on a Saturday would spoil before Monday. The three men working behind the counter were brothers John and Steve Bramwell and their father Bill. They had always thought the business was set up by their grandfather Edward Bramwell – explaining the name E. Bramwell and Son. But the information in the newspaper article gave a tantalising glimpse of an even older history, one that was previously unknown. In the 1911 census one James Bramwell is listed as a 74 year old

Mani Mobiles & Electricals.

Slacks Farm Deli.

Jo Workshop upstairs in the Market.

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Warner Street is one of Accrington's oldest streets, originally built to house workers of the local industrialist Mr Thomas Hargreaves. Built in Georgian times, it has been a lively shopping street for 200 years. Today it offers a wide range of wonderful, unique and independent retailers and businesses.

Scan to see the video of the shops and services

Haworth Art Gallery and Artist’s ’ Studio

Jane and Alison run Quirky Frog Studios, making bags, masks, cushions and other items from locally sourced cloth. They also hand make beautiful cards, hand written in calligraphy. The two sisters were making items over lockdown both on request, and to keep them busy – they found it very therapeutic. They joined the Studios in September, and having the studio space gives them a chance to meet up and work together in a safe way. They have a great Christmas range and have even made Christmas cushions on request. Catherine Lansdale runs beginner’s art classes. She is a fully qualified art teacher, and the workshops have step by step demonstrations, exercises and a finished artwork. Topics include Reflections in pencil and watercolour, Landscapes in acrylic on canvas, and specialist techniques including Chinese brush painting. The classes are just £25 and would make a really special Christmas gift. Rounding off the residents are the wonderful Just Imagine theatre company, who are based upstairs. Their events are really special, and if you’re in the Studios at the right time you may see a fairy or a witch go by!

Haworth Art Gallery and Gardens.

Alison with exhibits at Haworth Art Gallery.

Haworth Art Gallery is located on Manchester Road and is a beautiful Grade II listed country house designed by the architect, Walter Brierley. It is home to the internationally important Tiffany Glass Museum, Accrington Art Gallery and has a lovely tea room; the Gallery Kitchen. The gardens comprise 9 acres of parkland, and admission is free to the house and gardens.

Alison, the manager, says “We’re so lucky to have this Tiffany collection brought to Accrington by an Accrington lad, Joseph Briggs. We hope it will inspire the children of Accrington both with its beauty and with his success story, as well as being for adults to enjoy.” Their gift shop holds many arts and crafts treasures that would be ideal for Christmas gifts. Beautiful journals with covers inspired by Tiffany, at £12.99 for large and £7.99 for small are set to be best sellers. Across the grounds sits the Artists’ Studios. The once derelict Stables and Motor House have been conserved and converted into artist’s studios, providing them with a safe space to create and collaborate. Check the website to see when they are open to the public, for you to see the artists at work and buy their creations. Andrew Scholes freelanced in graphic design, then launched his own art based on traditional signwriting. He’s been in the Studios for a year, and is known as Scholsey Script. He takes commissions for signs, and also creates art which can be purchased for the home. One of his eyecatching lines is a series of recycled French road maps with French phrases illustrated on them, selling for £75. Leo Crabtree works in watercolours and pencil, and has been working out of the Studios since they opened. His work features landscapes of the local area, and during lockdown went for discovery walks locally, finding areas

he’d never visited. He sketched a lot which formed the inspiration for the paintings he has displayed now. He is also selling a set of 10 Christmas Cards featuring unique images painted in and around the Haworth, for £10.90. Julie Livesey of Pip Cottage shares space with her daughter, Rebecca of BL Design. She works in basketry, creating beautiful baskets, containers, lanterns and sculptures such as reindeer and garden arches from willow. It is a historic skill, stemming from use in agriculture and domestic settings. With a background in horticulture, Julie has been growing her own willow which takes three years to mature from historic cuttings – she hopes to soon have all her work made from locally grown willow. Julie also runs workshops to pass on this traditional skill, with prices starting from just £15. Her daughter is a talented illustrator and works in portraiture. Julie is also researching Lancashire basketry, and would love to hear from anyone who may have information on this once widespread skill. Steve Crowther has been in residence at the Studios for three years. He paints in watercolours, and also digitally on his iPad – these can then be printed for sale. During lockdown Steve wrote a book, 100 Days of Social Distancing, with the paintings and sketches he did every day of the local area. His work includes urban views and night paintings of pubs, along with landscapes. It’s for sale for just £12 and is a fascinating view of Hyndburn.

Clockwise from top left: Journals for sale; Steve Crowther at work; Lockdown artwork; work by Leo Crabtree; Julie Livesey; Artists' Studios; Tiffany glass; Steve Crowther; Andrew Scholes.

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Great Harwood

Watch the Video

Queen Street in Great Harwood has been a thriving high street for years, and in more recent times has welcomed some additional wonderful independent retailers.

Cornucopia Grocers.

Solo Hair Design.

The Chicken Shop is a chicken specialist, and another outlet who have people queuing down the street. They make a fabulous sandwich, plus whole and part chickens to take away. The Rainbow Gallery is an art and picture framing shop which has a wide variety of prints and paintings to finish off your home. Michelle makes bespoke frames to order, plus has a beautiful selection of original art and prints, ideal for Christmas. If you need a rest then call into The Green Olive, a lovely corner shop deli and bistro. It’s cosy and rustic, with a menu including eggy bread with smoked pancetta, Lancashire cheese and chutney sandwiches, and of course the classic toasted teacakes. They also have a deli section for you to take away, packed with Christmas stocking fillers. Brie Mine are a recent addition to the high street. Lauren opened this August, following her dream to own a specialist cheese delicatessen, which also sells cheese boards, coffee, teas, chutney and other delicacies. She now employs two members of staff. Lauren says, “I chose to open up a Cheese Delicatessen in Great Harwood, being a Harwood girl myself. I have so many amazing plans for the future, but with these difficult times it’s so important that we do all we can to help each other.” The newest addition is On The Bread Line, a speciality bread maker. Kelly’s experience as a lead chef for Manchester United shows through in her fabulous breads including a Christmas wreath which would be a wow on your Christmas dinner table.

Turtle Bee is a plastic free, reusable grocery store. They sell refills of food, household liquids, and other items to help you live a more sustainable life, including metal straws, bamboo toothbrushes, shampoo bars and vegan treats. Claire stocks Purity men’s and women’s skincare sets for Christmas at £30 each and the packaging they come in is plantable. Gareth’s Florist is your choice for all your special occasions, and has an eco friendly range of flower gifts for the environmentally conscious. This includes everything from vintage style tied bouquets to eco wrapped flowers. Call in and see Matthew at Cornucopia Grocers. He sells delightful produce; chutneys, a temperance range, jams. A full selection with all items locally sourced wherever possible. He also sells a really excellent selection of wine, with hand tied labels explaining what you’re buying. All this and they’re inexpensive – ideal for Christmas! Cycle Shop has everything you’ll need for bikes and parts, and M A Motor Accessories the same for cars. Boots and My Pharmacy cover your pharmacy needs, and specialist mobility retailer Townfield Mobility are there for expert advice and equipment for mobility needs. House of Harwood are a speciality gifts and interior retailer. Many of the items on display are made in Colne and Clitheroe, so you know your money really is being spent locally. Lots of their items are ideal for Christmas including their new candle range, eggnog, mulled wine and Bucks Fizz. If you can’t decide, gift vouchers are available. Hodge’s Butchers is a high quality butcher sourcing locally supplied meats. They also deliver if you can’t get to them. Their Christmas hampers contain everything you could possibly need for a fabulous Christmas dinner, and range from £30 to £125 depending on your household, and how big your freezer is!

Rolls from On The Bread Line.

Gareth's Florist.

Turtle Bee.

The Chicken Shop.

Wine from Cornucopia.

Finch Bakery.

The Green Olive.

Hodges Butchers.

Brie Mine.

Probably the most famous of these is Finch Bakery, run by Lauren and the team. With over 2000 followers on Instagram, their ‘made with love’ cakes, treats and cake jars are definitely picture worthy. They’re so busy they are moving premises just down the high street, the queues outside the previous premises were legendary! Why not treat someone to a Christmas gift voucher?

Loubellai Hair Salon.

Townfield Mobility stocks both new and secondhand mobility scooters.

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Whittakers Butchers.

Garlands Florists.

If you’re planning a wedding now is a great time to call into Balcony Brides and get excited. They also are experts in alterations. However they don’t just sell bridal wear. They have a great selection ideal for Christmas in their Heart and Craft section - craft based, inexpensive gifts including wooden toys, hand stitched doorstops, handmade gift tags, scarves and so much more. Garland’s Florist has been owned by Rachel since 2003, and she had a childhood dream of owning the shop from going in with her mum. She is expert at all kinds of special occasion creations, including a delight she calls ‘Snazzy Panazzy’! Christmas wreath making classes are £45, and her husband Simon will accompany you on the piano. What a fabulous gift that would make for a loved one! Whittakers Butchers are your local traditional butcher, and their specialities include meat packs, fresh made kofta kebabs, and fresh made meatballs in assorted sauces. Cake Box is a lovely bakery offering sweet treats – cupcakes, Lotus cheesecakes and loaded doughnuts, occasion cakes made to order, and so much more. Why not order a box of personalised cupcakes as a Christmas gift? Oswaldtwistle’s Furniture Emporium contains just about

everything you would need to transform your home. From large pieces like suites and dining sets, to lamps, clocks, vases and small decorative items, call in to see if you could purchase a homely Christmas gift, or transform your rooms for the season. If you are thinking of some home improvements for when the nights draw in, look no further than Decorware. They have ironmongery, electrical supplies, plumbing supplies - everything you’ll need to decorate your home, as well as paints and wallpapers.

Christmas displays at Oswaldtwistle Mills

Originally home to James Hargreaves, inventor of the Spinning Jenny, and Sir Robert Peel of Calico Printing fame, Oswaldtwistle is now well known as the home of Oswaldtwistle Mills. Bringing visitors from all over the North West, the award-winning shopping complex has over 100 retailers under one roof. Womenswear, homeware, lifestyle, crafts and sewing, furniture, lifestyle, giftware, gourmet deli and sweets are just some of the many departments! There are plenty of refreshment stops and a play area for the children. The home of Oswaldtwistle Mills

We called in recently to see them setting up their Christmas display. Here’s a sneak peek of what’s in store!

Cake Box.

Cuite Pies Boutique.

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Clayton le Moors Has it all

Watch the Video

It’s host to a bounty of unique, local and independent retailers.


Merry Christmas from Lisa’s Den of Cards.

The Legendary Balti House.

The perfect place to shop

Rishton has a strong and lively High Street, offering great choice and value for you to shop locally.

Rishton is really well served with salons to keep you looking fresh. ADN is a nail stylist, AZ and Fella’s are your local barbers, and Moonlight and Trio are your choices for beauty treatments. Ladies can keep their hair looking salon perfect at Hair@LouisGeorge, Hairfection, Hairworx, Original Hair Lounge, or Vdeles. Perhaps you know someone who would love a voucher from Moonlight for Christmas. There’s a choice of two pharmacies in Cohen’s and Rishton Pharmacy, a Post Office, and Univision Eye Centre for all your vision needs. Eateries in Rishton range from Brook Street Chippy, The Balti House, Deli-Delish which is an eat in or take out café right in the heart of Rishton, Big Bite for pizzas and kebabs, and finally Sweet Temptations, for shakes, waffles, crepes and even cookie dough – yes, on its own!

Choose ‘N’ Use DIY sells anything you might need for hardware and DIY, plus lots of other useful things too, while Ray’s Discount Stores carries a large selection of homewares. The Carbella Tattoo Collective is the place to go for a quality tattoo and they also offer laser removal. Reptile Wonderland is a specialist pet shop for all your reptile requirements, snakes, spiders, land snails, live food and more! Lisa’s Den Of Cards provides all your special occasion requirements, and all you’ll need for Christmas – she’s selling Elf Packs so you can give an Elf on the Shelf, gifts, wrap, gift bags, and balloons to order. Duckworths is your local quality butcher for any meat and cooked meats and a friendly welcome, Stott’s is your local craft baker for bread, pies and sweet treats, and Sweetylicious has a fabulous range of sweets and can make up sweet boxes for gifts and they also deliver. If you have business printing needs, call into Ellison Printing – they also offer a design and branding service. If your computer needs attention, try Use It, specialists in computer repair.

Barnes Square at Christmas.

B Hodder butchers.

Olivia Ryan is your stop off for hand made steak or cheese and onion pie – like Granny used to make - deep, tasty, and just how we like them round here. She also has lots of other bakery treats from cupcakes to sticky toffee pudding, and a great selection of handmade ready meals. Hodders Butchers has tasty and different high quality meats for when you do have time to cook, including mutton, oxtail and ham shanks. They’re taking pre orders now for your Christmas turkey, or order their Christmas hamper which feeds 10-12 for just £39.99, covering Boxing Day and beyond too!

Whether you’re in the market for a new mattress to improve your sleep quality, a bouquet for a friend, or the key ingredients for your Christmas dinner, Clayton le Moors has it all. The Mattress World have a wealth of experience in helping you make the important decisions. Did you know they manufacture their own mattresses? Call in if you’d like to transform your bedroom in time for Christmas. Also on Whalley Road is Open All Flowers, your first choice for beautiful arrangements – from rainbow roses to floral tributes. Why not treat a friend to a Christmas bouquet? At the heart of Barnes Square is Smokehouse 138, serving American style BBQ food. There’s nowhere better locally for 10 inch Dawgs, Dirty Fries, Porker Nachos and wings - it’s a real diner style treat. Francesco’s serves fabulous Italian food – try their lamb chops, lobster ravioli or cherry tomato and brie pizza! Rounding up the options for when you don’t want to cook is the legendary Balti Stan, open since 1994 and offering many delicious signature dishes you won’t get elsewhere, such as Ruposhi Bangla and Deshi. Why not get pampered ready for Christmas at No 51 Nail and Beauty Salon? It’s on Whalley Road - No 51! They can laminate your brows, give you a relaxing massage, or get your nails selfie perfect. Order your gift vouchers for Christmas to treat someone special.

Choose ‘N’ Use DIY.

E Haworth.


Sara Britcliffe MP and Miles Parkinson visit Olivia Ryan Quality Food.

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Home to the Hollands Pies manufacturing site, Baxenden has a village charm of its own.

Crazy Pancho’s, Altham.

Hyndburn from the air.

Dog Inn, Belthorn.

Altham, Church, Huncoat and Belthorn

Sanderson’s Butchers.

Monte Christo Express.

Altham is a key industrial area for Hyndburn, with major employers such as the nationally famous Senator Group located there. There are lots of reasons to shop locally here too. GM Fitted Furniture is your go to when you want to replace or create beautiful, high class fitted furniture in your home. If you have an awkward space you’re not sure what to do with, contact them for their expert advice. If you’re planning to spend Christmas at home, this might be the time to invest in furniture that will last. Crazy Panchos is the place for authentic Mexican food – Levi’s special burrito has more fillings than you can imagine. With daily specials on the menu, there’s always a reason to return for those delicious authentic dishes. Church has a delicious Chinese eatery Kwong Ming, with specials such as Curried Roast Pork and those ever popular Salt & Pepper Wings. Milky Bar is nearby, those with a sweet tooth will love their shakes, ice creams, smoothies and even old school puddings such as jam roly poly!

Huncoat is home to the famous Griffin’s Head and their beautifully presented locally sourced food. Try a super deep cheese and onion pie, a brisket burger or one of their renowned steaks. Pop in to see Diane and Lauren at the Village Chippy for all your traditional chippy, fish and pie desires. They’re even serving Dab T’Cakes, and they are hard to find elsewhere! The Whitakers Arms completes our round up of Huncoat, a delicious gastropub serving delicacies such as pig’s cheek, lamb’s liver and a highly regarded Sunday roast. They also do weekend breakfasts that have to be experienced to fully appreciate! The Dog Inn at Belthorn has a fabulous menu including Belthorn Lamb Shepherd’s Pie, and Ox Cheek Bourguignon – this area really has some outstanding places to eat.

Your local traditional butcher is Sanderson’s Butchers. They offer home delivery across East Lancashire, and you can order online. They source their meat locally, from the best farms in Lancashire. George’s very own lamb is reared less than a mile away from the shop, perfect for your Christmas and New Year celebration meals. Monte Cristo Express is here, sister location to the Monte Cristo Restaurant, based in Church, offering the finest in Italian and Mediterranean cuisine. Try their moussaka, kleftiko, or chicken kebab alongside your Italian delights. Shirley’s Bakery offers not just baked goods and treats, but bacon butties, broth and dumplings, pies and all served with a very warm welcome. You can keep yourself looking smart at Lindsay Jane Hair and Beauty; alongside nails, brows and hair services, she’s also selling some wonderful Christmas gift boxes including Caviar luxury shampoo and conditioner for £44. Botany Florist is your go to for special occasions, to style up your home, or just for a treat. They stock cards from local artists Quirky Frog, mentioned elsewhere in this magazine. More than just floral displays, Botany offers stylish home interior goods and luxury artisan home fragrances – making ideal Christmas gifts. For those all important medical needs, Baxenden has a pharmacy, clinic and dental surgery. Drop off your dry cleaning at Sanderson’s Hot Off The Press, and then if you’ve time to relax, call into the Alma Inn, a traditional pub or the heart of the village, Baxenden Village Club.

Lindsay Jane Hair and Beauty.

Griffin's Head, Huncoat.

Hyndburn from the air.

Milky Bar and Kwong Ming, Church.

Botany Florist.

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Christmas Gifts Here’s your guide to locally available Christmas gifts, perfect for the special people in your life. Check with each individual retailer for availability and to order. Lots of our local retailers are also offering gift vouchers, so if you can’t decide, keep your spend local and treat someone to a voucher this Christmas.


Please check with individual retailers

All Things Cupcakes, Accrington. Christmas Themed 12 Cupcake. £35.

Blush Skin Care, 45 Warner Street. Lip filler with deluxe dermaplane facial. £200.

Lister Stealth. Britains fastest SUV is made in Hyndburn. £129,950. Lister.com

Heated Canvases. A picture that heats your room from £199. www.heatedcanvases.com

Sweet Reminiscing by Sharonrose Accrington. Candy Bouquets filled with a selection of delicious sweets and chocolates from £17.99.

Boutique 23, Warner Street. Scarf or Boxed Gloves. £17.99/£11.99.

Pure Perfection, Warner Street. Sothys Advent Calendar. £69.50.

The Bridal Lounge, Accrington Beautiful winter wedding dresses. Prices vary.

Jo Workshop Markets. Festival hats, made to order from £80.

Gowers Supplies, Warner Street. Torch £9.99 and Waterproof Pad £2.99.

Cafe88, Accrington. Pay it forward, leave a drink for a stranger. Whatever you can afford via Facebook.

On The Bread Line, Great Harwood. 24cm diameter flavoured Artisan Bread Ring, decorated and gift wrapped. £7.50.

Extreme, Accrington. Lily-Flame Fairy Dust Candle Set. £20.

Steve Crowther 100 Social Distance Illustrations. £12. www.stevecrowther.com

Barbara Kay, Accrington. Bespoke hand wrapped Gift Hampers from £12.

Rainbow Gallery, Great Harwood. Yvonne Coomber Limited Edition (17/50) Embellished Canvas. £850.

White Orchid Bar, Accrington. Prosecco Tree x 12 or Gin Tree x 12. £35 each.

Brie Mine, Great Harwood. Gift selection Cheese Box. £12.

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Eating Out The hospitality industry needs our support now more than ever. We have some fabulous eateries to try in Hyndburn, from gastropubs such as Grants and Whitakers Arms, to local legends Balti Stan, or Monte Cristo. Damian offers a warm welcome and the finest food at the Tiger Lounge. He prepares all his food fresh on site, and has sourced his produce from local suppliers such as Sanderson’s Butchers in Baxenden. With Sanderson’s stocking from local farms, you really know not only are you getting a delicious plate of food, you’re shopping truly local...make sure you watch the video!

Oswaldtwistle Mills, Oswaldtwistle. Kensington Wing Armchair £1199.

Croppers Butchers and Deli, Accrington. Christmas Cheese, Chutney and more Hamper. £20.

Damian at the Tiger Lounge

Food at the Tiger Lounge

Space 2 Make, Accrington. Paint your own Pottery Kit. £12.

Cornucopia Grocers, Great Harwood. Cote de Beaune-Villages Burgundy. £20.50.

The Great British Fish and Chip Bank.

Grants Bar, Brewhouse and Pizzeria.

George’s Greengrocers, Clayton-le-Moors. Pineapple. £1.60.

New and Second Hand Fishing Bargains, Warner Street. Brand new Commando 60 free spool. £20.

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E & OE - while stocks last

Thank you to all our volunteers and those who donated to the community..


If you need help or support today please email: enquiries@hyndburnbc.gov.uk or tel: 01254 388111

Lockdown inactivity It ’ s not for everyone!

Jack Barrett memorial walk, at Anfield's Shankly Gates.

Accrington Nori brick.

Accrington Stanley's Memorial Garden.

There is no doubt at all that the events of the past few months have severely impacted life as we know it. Firstly, we were hit with the cancellation of the remaining fixtures in our 2019/20 League One campaign.

It was the only decision that was acceptable to our club, followed quickly by the decisions to cancel our end of season presentation dinner and the annual golf day. This has continued with the delayed start of the 20/21 season unfortunately without the Stanley faithful being present in the ground. Our memorial garden project at the Wham Stadium was due to start in March. It eventually got underway once the team from Readstone were cleared to get onto the site. They made good use of the excellent Spring weather, which lifted the spirits of most of us in lockdown. With no viable activities, the Trust board had to be creative to keep people engaged. We've had no matchday badges, no away coaches, no fundraising events, and no monthly meetings. Even the market shop had to close in March to protect our staff. The one that was most viable was to stage a virtual 50/50 draw every week for 8 weeks to represent the games that remained unplayed. The club sells 50/50 draw tickets, mainly via Stephen Davies, on match days and “Big Ste’s virtual 50/50 draw” was born. Using our www.onstanleyon.com website and social media channels we set out to sell virtual tickets to fans near and far with 50% of the sales being that week’s prize. We had no idea if we would sell 50 or 500 tickets every week. The weekly virtual Trust board meeting was introduced using Zoom and the ideas began to flow.

As the numbers continued to grow, we took the opportunity to support our local community. We made donations to the Hyndburn Hub to assist with the great work they do and marking the VE day celebrations, we also donated to the Accrington Royal British Legion (RBL). Over the course of 8 weeks we sold more than £12,225 of tickets and managed to donate a magnificent £2600 to the local charities. The final draw raised over £2300 of sales, a long way from the initial 703! The enthusiasm shown by our magnificent supporters, aided by the crazy live draws, and hosted by Ultras head honcho and Trust board member, Jason Graham, made us think that this could develop into something more permanent. More Zoom meetings quickly followed and Club 1968 was born. As a number of people were happily paying £5 or £10 weekly, we devised a permanent member draw. Just £10 a month to enter gives us a monthly prize pot of £1500 with a top prize of £1000. Rather than wait for players to subscribe via Paypal, as with the virtual 50/50 draw, we asked for standing orders. This cuts out the majority of the administration. The monthly draws take place live on Facebook, with a series of guest “draw masters” and over 250 active members. All the proceeds go towards developing the facilities around the Wham Stadium. If you wish to join in, please contact Stanley@club1968.co.uk for details. Another socially distanced event was the October “Jack Barrett memorial walk". The route follows Jack’s footsteps by walking from Liverpool to Accrington.

The Accrington Stanley Memorial Garden at Wham Stadium, thanks to all those involved.

A group of four intrepid walkers, Josh Adcroft, Andrew Camm, Anthony Murgatroyd and James Cheverton, took just over 13 hours to walk the 40 miles from the Shankly Gates at Anfield back to the Wham Stadium on a bright October Sunday. At the same time, other groups walked from Deepdale, Preston (Jim Curtis, Darren Woodhead, Jase Graham & Lucy Blackledge) and from Ewood Park (John Schofield & Carole Jefferson). The walkers raised over £3,500 in sponsorships which will help in future ground developments. Whilst all the excitement of the draws was taking place, the construction of the garden was progressing quickly and it is now all but complete. The memorial walls are in place as are the initial memorial plaques purchased by supporters to remember friends and family who are no longer with us. These are still available, priced £50, via the website or in the Accrington Market Hall shop. We must thank our friends at Readstone for their excellent work on site. There’s the ever supportive team at SDA for the graphics, Stephen Lowe and Cath Holmes for their expertise on the planting (kindly sponsored by David

Davis), B & W Plant Hire for the use of a machine and Shaun Taylor for giving his time to drive it, the Incredible Edible Accrington for their kind donation of the oak for our benches, Accrington RBL for the superb memorial bench and all our volunteers for the gardening works. As the resumption of football at the Wham Stadium is still to be decided (at the time of writing) we are unable to plan an official opening of the garden as we really need a game with fans to go ahead. However, we are sure that this will be a super addition to the Stadium and will allow a few moments of peace and quiet for those who wish to take a few moments to remember a loved one who is no longer with us. The garden is open in normal club working hours and also on future match days.

Peter J Leatham Chairman, OASST

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